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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can't Live Without Going To The Mall

After only 1 weekend of not going to a mall, mummy kinda went into a "no-shopping withdrawal syndrome" so we went for a very short stroll in Sunway Pyramid today. We went there first thing in the morning, when parking spaces were ample and there was less crowd.

Our main objective of coming here was to play in the Enfa Smart Camp. After getting the goodie bag and the mystery gift, we had lunch followed by a short walk.

Just when it was starting to get crowded, we left. As soon as our car zoomed out of the covered parking, I was surprised to see the bright sunshine and exclaimed "Hey, why we simply go home? It's not dark yet!" Hahahaha! It's funny how I used the word "simply".

Here are the freebies in the goodie bag...

There was a T-shirt, tissue box cover, colouring and sticker book, additional stickers, milk samples, a DIY windmill and a CD. I also received a cap and 3 colourful rubber wrist bands while playing the games there.

Mummy also bought 2 tins of milk powder for me with these free gifts, thus expanding the variety on my existing cut-and-play masak-masak set.


  1. Hey...I went to the Enfa Smart Camp as well. You r such a good blogger - took pic of the goodie bag somemore. Mine? Still lying on the floor and I actually have not check what was inside the bag yet. LOL.

  2. I didn't know there is Enfa Smart Camp at Sunway Pyramid..haha. Nice goodie bags.

  3. eeeekkkk... im looking for the masak2 set leh, where u can potong wan. aiyah, too bad krys not taking enfa anymore :(

  4. Good activities for kids....So many goodies!!

  5. Hopefully I can get to the one in Penang this coming September..... I love the masak2 set...

  6. oh, we dun have T-shirt in Penang, but we have the aeroplane toys.


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