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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little Miss Tough

Besides being Fearless, I am also quite rough and tough at times. This morning, something happened that caused quite a deep gash on my lower lip. It was bleeding too...

Mummy knew nothing about it because I did not cry or complain to her at all. She only noticed it much later when she was feeding me lunch. When asked what happened, I just casually said "I knocked on the Little Mermaid book".

Well, that Little Mermaid book is very thick and heavy so mummy accepted it as a valid reason.


  1. huh? mummy feeding chloe lunch? not self feeding??

  2. Ni apasal a few kids i know r getting 'gashes' on their lips?

    BB, take care n dun make tis a habit,K.

  3. Yup, mummy prefers to feed me cos:
    1. She's lazy to clean up the mess
    2. I'll leave behind all the veggies when I eat on my own
    3. I eat too slowly... until the food becomes cold



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