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Friday, April 24, 2009


Mummy was reading something interesting about common fears among kids. Then she paused to think about mine. What do I fear? She started thinking. She thought hard… “Hmm… what is BB afraid of?” In the end, she realized the answer was NOTHING. I’m indeed quite fearless.

Here are some of the common things/scenarios that many kids would freak out at, but not me:

- Going for jabs – not scared (never cried)
- Burst a balloon with my hands – not scared
- Loud sounds like thunder, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer – not scared
- Creepy crawlies – not scared
- Dark or confined places – not scared
- Clowns and ugly or weird-looking mascots – not scared
- Splash/pour water over my head and face during shower – not scared

Maybe it’s because mummy has never instilled unnecessary fear in me since I was born. She wants me to grow up in a safe and secure environment.

Curious to find out my response, she asked me:

Mummy: BB, what are you afraid of?
Me: Big Bad Wolf.

*mummy rolls eyes*


  1. hehe, chloe and krys can be good buddies! :)

  2. haha she saw b4 the Big Bad Wolf??

  3. Ooh... krys oso sama2 fearless like me? Hi5!

    Ya lor, auntie Vicky... in the books. Tv also got ;-)


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