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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Party Pack

Everytime mummy picks me up from school, she will ask "What did you learn/do today?" Most of the time, my answer is a pathetic "dunno". But when there's a special occasion, I'll furnish her with more details...

- Today is N's birthday. I ate cake. It's a Minnie Mouse cake.
- Today is C's birthday. Got Spiderman cake. Chocolate cake.
- Today is RP's birthday. Her cake got only cream... and strawberries!

Yes, so far this month, there has been 3 birthday celebrations in my class. And today's celebration is the most special because I got a goodie bag! Yay! My very first party pack from a birthday friend.

Right after my bath, I quickly grabbed my party pack and started rummaging through its content.

Tada! The goodies (junkies) in my goodie bag where some of the "forbidden" food have been confiscated by mummy *big frown*

There... all dressed up in a party costume but I'm all alone.... how sad.


  1. Aww... don't be sad *hugs*

    She looks so pretty in the 2nd picture... And I believe she will be one fine lady when she grows older :)

  2. Oh...Chloe knows all her friends' name huh. Gwen is blur blur in school la. *sigh*

    Haha...very cute mask. :)

  3. Wow.. so fast 3 bdays ody? n she knows their names too.. cool !

  4. Baru begining of the year wor, already 3 bday. so whenis Chleo's?

  5. she know her classmate name, so nice.. the party pack she get frm fren is very nice.....

  6. yea, 2nd pic veli lennnnnnng! hmm ideas ideas, party packs yeah. hahahaha!

  7. birthday celebration in the kindie. YX's kindie got no such celebration le.....

  8. You look very cute!
    I want to laugh after see the last photo …
    Please let uncle laugh a bit ok hahaha
    Have you share your mask with ur mummy?
    Let your mummy wear this and take a photo as well.
    And quitely post at here…. Don’t tell you mum ok.

  9. She so cute in 2nd photo. More party bag on the way haha. Soon mommy would let you prepare yours during your bday too.

  10. wow, January already 3 times happy birthday..sure the rest of the month more coming...

    haha, she is more observant to the party but don't know how to tell what she have learn...we also the same...never tell parents what we have learn but ke-poh others stuff..


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