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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Things I Say

The Cute
Mummy was talking to me while I was brushing my teeth. All I heard was some mumbling sound so I told her "Brush teeth is very noisy. I cannot hear you!"

The Funny
I was watching tv when mummy asked me to go and wash up and get ready for school. She called a few times but I just ignored her. She then raised a voice a bit and asked me to hurry up. I looked at her and said "You say 1...2...3... first" (referring to the warning counting)

The Silly
Mummy took away a stack of puzzles that have been left on a small table for a very long time. When I saw the cleared spot on the table, I asked "Where are the puzzles? *looked around the house* Are we in another house?"

The "Action"
I was helping Ah Ma with the laundry. Mummy noticed my helpfulness and complimented me. With that, I said "I'm always helpful, you know. Always!" (I emphasized on the word "always" haha)

The Loving
I say this to daddy every morning without fail when he leaves for work... "Bye! Enjoy your work. I love you" (mummy did not teach me this)


  1. remarks. I like The "Action" one...witty. :D

  2. hahaha...very clever say the unexpected things

  3. Haha..mummy must be surprise with her speech.

  4. Hehhehe..i liked The Cute..Brush teeth is very noisy..hahahah

  5. she is too cute! geram! hehe... krys been telling "iloveyou" to me lately. lum sei loooooooor

  6. wow.. you are getting more and more sentences built up.. good good!! and the last part, you sure melt your daddy's heart to the MAX!

  7. Ai yo, Chloe is extremely cute. I love all the cute statement from her.


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