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Friday, January 29, 2010

Cheered-up By The Plaster

Let's put the blame on mummy... for buying me that cheap pair of fake Crocs, which "beat" my leg and caused a painful blister on it!

It was a brief, after-dinner shopping at the Tropicana City Mall with Mah-mah and Yeh-yeh. After walking around for just 1 hour plus, I started to complain "leg pain". I kept crying and refused to walk anymore so daddy had to carry me.

Back home, I was still crying and fretting over the small lesion on my leg and refused to go to bed... until mummy took out a box of Hansaplast Junior with cute animal prints...

Sssssss... pain-pain

My face lit up instantly the moment I saw those cute and colourful plasters! I even giggled at the very sight of them haha. I had a hard time choosing one, though. Each one was equally cute and I liked them all.

All smiles :-)

Finally, after about 10 minutes of indecisiveness, I chose the green one with a kangaroo.

No more pain-pain

I was so happy and felt so "healed", I fell asleep right away!


  1. ahhahahahahaha she is cute. same like Philip. after the first time i put plaster on him, he will start telling me, here pain, there that he can put those cute plasters... *roll eyes*

  2. oh no..poor chloe. the blister look small but i'm sure it hurts a lot. i don't like them :)

  3. aiyo...kesian..i hate to have blisters too. Hate new shoes especially heels. sure kena blisters

  4. cutenya plaster. btw, the recent news of a kid who got his foot stuck at the escalator in 1U, is very likely cuz' of Crocs.. tho' in news they didn't mention the brand cuz' it happened before. So, better dun let BB wear Crocs la.

  5. oh bad shoe shoe coz you pain. Cute plaster...heal fast *hug*

  6. Good idea! At least the beautiful plaster manage to console her and make her feel better.

  7. Oh..i also have these plasters at home..When my gal in pain, need to plaster, sure she goes and grab it from my drawer.

    Once tampal, she so happy with d plaster...KIDS...hmm..

  8. Hahaha..Gwen also like that. A little bit of scratch also want me to put her cute Disney plaster..haha.

  9. hehe... cute lil plasters :) she is getting prettier each day.

  10. My gals are just the same. At the slightest bruise or bump on any part of their body, they will go fishing for their Disney plasters!

  11. Poor girl.
    Next time ask your mummy don’t buy cheap slipper for u.
    Cheap cheap not good!
    First time see the cute hansaplast.

  12. My kiddos too... even mosquito bites must put plasters... and keep on changing them for different cute designs! *shake head*

  13. I am sure she suffered pain from the blister, poor girl!
    Yea, the cute plaster really worked when our kids manja manja:-)


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