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Friday, June 17, 2011

Daddy's Day

A Father's Day celebration was held in my kindergarten today. As usual, daddy took time-off from work to attend this special celebration with me.

Daddy and I dressed to the theme of Checks and Stripes where we both wore striped tops (we didn't have any outfits with checks). The first activity was a special assembly where we sat in a large circle and talked about our dads. We also sang and dedicated a few "daddy songs" to our darling daddies.

Special assembly with our daddy dearest

When teacher told us to give our daddy a big hug and a kiss, I quickly climbed on him and showered him with kisses...

I love you, daddy!

Next, we made something special for daddy, with daddy's help, of course.

Daddy and daughter activity... cut like this, glue this here etc.

A special "medal" for my No. 1 Dad

Daddy and I... with the medal clipped on his T-shirt

I also made a FD card earlier in class... with a cute batik-inspired shirt on it


  1. aww....this is so much fun. Chloe's school is such a nice school filled with so many fun activities. Did daddy wear the pin for the rest of the day??? hehhehehe

  2. A kiss for your daddy, so sweett~

  3. A lovely and sweet kiss from her. Aw...daddy's heart melt like M&M jor.

  4. We missed the kindy's father's day event this year because we were rushing for a lunch wedding banquet :( The kindy's activity started at 11am and required fathers to get involve too.

    Looks like Chloe is having much fun and get crafty with daddy :D

  5. lovely gifts for daddy from lovely chloe. there r so nice. bet ur daddy's heart melted like ... like what, i duno.. hahha

  6. LOL, I hv to consider to switch Juan Juan to Chloe's school already, thy always organise so many fun and meaningful activities!

    Wow, I'm surprise to see many daddies actually took a day off frm work just to accompany their kids. All the daddy's previous!^^

  7. I remember I read this activity in Chloe school last year. It is a really very good event on Father's Day. What a big tie on the shirt. Hehehehehe!

  8. So good that daddy can spare some time from work to participate in the event with Chloe. Happy Chloe and happy daddy.

  9. Chloe's school is very good lor...they actually invited the daddies to come to school. Chloe is really Daddy's girl leh.


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