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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Field Trip to Tenmoku Pottery Factory

Backdated post

On 28th April, I participated in my kindergarten's field trip to Tenmoku Pottery Factory. Mummy tagged along as an assistant "child-supervisor" :) I woke up earlier than usual at 6:30am and leaped out of bed enthusiastically (I have been looking forward to this day) but as soon as I realized that the sky was still dark, I exclaimed "but it's not even morning yet!!" That goes to show how "early" I wake up every morning haha.

We went to the flagship school in Mutiara Damansara to join the rest of the kids from other branches and assembled there for a short briefing on the dos and don'ts during the trip

Queuing up to board the bus *excited*

At the factory, we saw how the clay was prepared, shaped, "cooked" and painted with details... all very manually done by hand.

One of the teachers helping me to pour clay into a mould

After a short tour around the factory, we were also given a teacup each to paint on

Painting my very own teacup

Our handiwork... ready to be "baked" in an "oven" for 8 hours at 1000 degree Celsius. The stripey one (3rd from left) in the first row is mummy's. Mummy didn't have the time to paint a nice one. She painted hers in just 20 seconds so that she could help my classmates and I with ours.

That's mine... mummy painted my name on it for a more personalized touch

Next, we proceeded to McDonald's for lunch. I was a very happy girl because McD was a very rare treat for me. I had half a chicken burger, 2 chicken nuggets, some fries and finished a small cup of Coke!

Aaah... perut kenyang, hati senang...

As usual, followed by lunch was a round of singing session. Mummy captured a shaky, poor-quality video of me singing with my fellow schoolmates...

Belting out our school song

Next, we were each given a sweet surprise... sundaes!

Soon after dessert, we headed back to our respective schools and that was the end of the trip.

Nearly 2 months later, which is today...

... we got back our teacups, nicely packed in these boxes (they were sent back to our schools)

They are real teacups that we can pour hot tea into. The one of the left is mine and that's how it looks like on the other side of my name. We were told that these cute little cups can last up to 500 years if they are not broken by carelessness :)


  1. This is definitely a very good outing and experience. Every activity was so well organized and prepared.

  2. wow..the outcome turned out to be a nice one....

  3. Nice teacups! Can last for so long ar?? Good good..

  4. Ha..Shenny also visited Tenmoku Pottery Factory organised by her kindergarten last week during school holiday. She made the similar tea cup home too. The cup is really cute. :)

  5. That's a fabulous experience for Chloe and mommy! How I wish Juan Juan can pay a visit too, very beautiful teacups!

  6. Wat a great experience. And u get to keep wat u've created.

  7. Chloe's school is so interesting! I think I would enjoy a trip like this too :)

  8. This outing is very fun and educating, with a souvenir to bring home :)

    Children love to get involved into the making, for sure!

  9. Very good outing...definitely a good experience for kids.

  10. Her kindy is very cool to organised such a huge field trip for so many kids, from different schools too! Impressive. Nice to get their hands dirty and paint a souvenir which they can keep as a memory of their trip for many years to come...and what's is something reusable too! Wonderful!

  11. Chloe's kindy always have fun activities and nice field trips for the kids. The teacups are very cute. Well done, Chloe and Mummy.

    I really miss Msia. I'm enjoying my stay here to the max. :)

  12. Such a nice field trip! Can bring home personalized souvenir some more!

  13. Those little teacups are so nice and cute. Looks like you and your mommy both enjoyed the trip. :)

  14. i love that teacup making event. it is so meaningful for the kids. so nice that parents also get to go :)

  15. Hi Chloe!

    Thank you for sharing the happy moment of your little girl and you in our (Tenmoku Pottery) factory.

    We would like to get your permission to share this article in our Facebook page for our fans and collectors. Do let us know by drop us an email at TQ!

    warm regards,
    Tenmoku Pottery


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