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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No attachments, please

Mummy says I’m a very unusual kid. Maybe it’s the little extra dose of toughness, independence and confidence in me that makes me different from most other kids.

- I don’t form attachment to anyone at all, not even my daddy or mummy. I don’t care if mummy is out of my sight in a strange place. I don’t care if mummy leaves me at somebody else’s house and walks away. I will wave bye-bye to mummy and leave without turning back if someone offers to bring me “gai-gai”. Bottom line is, I just don’t care if mummy is not around.

- I don’t form attachment to things as well. Blanket, pillow, bolster, pacifier, toy… all these have many times been offered to me or even forced into my arms. I feel secure enough not to need or hold on to any of them. Or I simply do not like them.

- I am quite unaffectionate. I won’t hug or kiss anyone. I don’t really fancy being hugged, kissed or cuddled for more than 10 seconds or I will squirm and wriggle to free myself out of it.

You mean all these are negative qualities that I shouldn't have?

1 comment:

  1. Very independent girl. My girl clingy to my very much.....


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