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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My 1st Baking Experience

Mummy is not a very "kitchen" person. She's not really into cooking or baking kinda stuff so when she suggested making cookies today and invited me to join along, I was more than eager to help!

Her initial idea was to let me play with Play-doh. Then she thought why not use edible stuff and see what we can make from it. With limited ingredients and without a recipe, she just simply threw in some very basic stuff like flour, oats and Milo...

We were so poorly equipped with baking utensils, we had to borrow extra "cookie cutters" from my Play-doh set.

The work of 2 equally novice bakers - Milo Oats cookies

... made with not a single grain of sugar (just a wee bit of honey and condensed milk). Baked using a small toaster oven where the heat was not very even, some browned nicely, some were darker and some were nearly black (at the base) hehehe! Taste-wise, it wasn't too bad lar... the flavour is there, just not sweet.

Chomp, chomp, chomp...

And my cheeky comment was "Mmmmmmmmmm, not nice!" Hahaha! ... but happily wolfed down 3 pieces...

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