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Sunday, March 29, 2009

LRT Ride

We did something really impromptu today. While relaxing at home on a lazy Sunday morning, daddy asked "What shall we do today?" Mummy said "Very lazy... just rest at home lah". Suddenly she mentioned something about LRT ride and 15 minutes later...

We were already in the choo-choo train (LRT), on our way to KLCC. It was a totally spontaneous and unplanned outing... something that we rarely did.

As usual, I was only interested in the kiddy rides and nothing else. I rode on almost every kiddy ride that we happened to pass by or see (about 10 altogether).

And when I saw this dinosaur at the entrance of Petrosains, I told mummy "I wanna take photo with this dinosaur!"

And while mummy shopped around looking for bargains, I spent the longest time playing here in Isetan:

And when I finally felt tired and started yawning, I asked for my stroller. Sorry, we didn't bring it along so it was nap-time in the LRT on our way home...

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