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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shah Alam Lake Gardens

We went to a very, very big park today. It was the Shah Alam lake gardens. Daddy and mummy used to come here many, many years ago. Today, they finally brought me here for the 1st time.

Despite starting early at around 5:45pm, we did not manage to walk a complete round. We even nearly panicked towards the end because our car was still so far away when the sky started turning dark!

It's a very nice park - shady and scenic

I sat in the stroller most of the time because I was too lazy to walk

Nowadays I know how to pick my photography spots. I'll point to the place I like and say "I want to take photo here!"

It was a long walk so we had to stop for a snack... thanks to Koo-koo for this chocolate cake

The famous landmark of Shah Alam - the Blue Mosque

As usual, I was only interested in the playground. Luckily it was near the carpark so eventhough it was already past 7.30pm, dark and time to feed the mosquitoes, we still managed to make a brief stop here just to fulfil my request.

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