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Friday, June 25, 2010

What's For Lunch? Part 3

Everyday, after returning home from school, I always appear to be starving. However, instead of attending to my growling tummy first, mummy always insists that I should take my bath first. While bathing, I will never fail to moan and whine "I'm very hungry, mummy. I'm hungry. I'm sooooooo hungry. I cannot wait anymore..." etc. Sometimes I even limp and pretend to faint in jest haha!

Taking advantage of my giant appetite for lunch, mummy always ensures that my lunch is wholesome, nutritious and has a healthy serving of fresh fruits and vegetables. Here's the continuation of my healthy lunch collection...

Air-dried noodle soup with homemade mini pork balls (organic pork), carrot, corn and organic green vege (Fruits served separately, usually later during snack time. Applies to the rest of the meals below)

Alphabet pasta with homemade fish paste, free-range chicken egg, carrot, cabbage and celery

Mee-sua soup with organic pork, free-range egg and organic siew pak choy

Colourful fried brown rice with homemade fish paste, free-range chicken egg, organic asparagus, organic purple cabbage, carrot and cherry tomatoes

Alphabet pasta in beetroot free-range chicken soup with carrot, potato, onion, celery and corn

Sometimes, when mummy is too lazy to cook, she just prepares these simple "variety platters" for me...

A thick slice of homemade bread (with flaxseed and pumpkin seed) with jam and cheese, sweet potato, apple, kiwifruit and cherry tomatoes

Baked potato strips with vege omelette, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, kiwifruit and apple

Pancakes with organic oatmilk, banana, apple, blueberries and carrot sticks

Egg mayo wholemeal sandwich with organic lettuce, strawberries, banana and vanilla-flavoured Calciyum (yoghurt)

Although it's just a repetition of the same old thing, I still love my lunch more than my dinner. Reason: I am usually not hungry at all during dinner-time. Too much snacks haha! (Dinner is usually rice with 2-3 dishes)


  1. Your lunches were really awesome. I am hungry now. All the food make me drooling.

  2. Chloe, you are so lucky to have mummy prepare very wholesome, very nutritious and very balanced meals for you. Great that you're eating well too! Keep it up :-D.

  3. *faint*

    My children are not eating anything like the above. They are just too colourful for them. haha

  4. Can I send Yan Yan to you, u train her to eat vege n fruits pls!

    All the above very Ngam Heng Heng, coz he eats anythings! Only the raw carrots sure he tak mau, hehe..

  5. wow mummy, u are really good lah!!!! all these dishes look really healthy and yummy, u really put in a lot of effort!

    Chloe u are one lucky girl :)

  6. next time i make sure to send ethan to school somewhere near ur house and then after school drop him off ur place for lunch :P

    otherwise, he'll end up eating junks for the rest of his life... u surely will feel very kesian for him rite? rite? :D

  7. Oh pan cake nvr try this b4. Mommy is quite rajin wor.

  8. hmm...nice idea. AM running out of idea what to cook also

  9. so colourful and so many varieties ..... I really hope my little Angel would not be as picky in terms of food as Chloe!! Mommy is very creative so Chloe .... you must give mommy a big kiss ya :)

  10. all healthy food here for kids.. good idea, chloe..

  11. Wow...healthy meal all day long.....Chloe is so lucky.

  12. Chloe is very lucky to have such a hardworking and dedicated mom to prepare these yummy + healthy lunch. No wonder she grows up so clever, this must be one of special ingredient. :)

  13. I should learn from you and feed Gwen more wholesome and nutricious food so that Gwen grows tall and big like Chloe.

    Really salute your effort, Mummy.

  14. Wow...Chloe is such a lucky girl, look at the wholesomely nutritious meals dedicated by mommy with loves and passion! Awesome!

    Happy weekend!

  15. HEALTHY with VARIETIES.... :)

    My girls only eats what is available on the dining table that my mil cook, usually rice with dishes.

  16. healthy and wholesome meals :) you are so lucky.

  17. So mommy can compile all these & make a menu so it's easier for future reference. I must say they r all yummy & healthy!

  18. so good mummy u have.

    uncle not sure weather vanessa has this kind of breakfast/lunch from her mummy or not. kekeke

  19. GOOOOD ... everything look good and yummy, love all the meal u prepared for ur girl , i always thinking what to cook for Jeremy .. thanks for sharing :P

  20. Hi,

    Where do u get the organic pork?


  21. Hi June, I get my organic pork (Pearl Pork) from a meat deli called An Xin. It claims to be free from harmful substances such as Beta Agonist, Antibiotics and other drugs.

    It has many branches around the Klang Valley. I usually get mine from Tmn Megah, PJ. If you want to know more about this, feel free to drop me an email at

  22. Thanks.. I think I know where An Xin is.. but is their pork local? with all the news about contaminated imported pork.. quite skeptical too


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