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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Misc Holiday Activities

Here are some miscellaneous activities that kept me happily occupied during the recent school holidays...

Learning Fractions: Daddy bought me this very educational set of puzzles (only RM8.97 from Jusco), which teaches the concept of fractions in a fun and easy-to-understand way. I completed all the puzzle cards in one sitting and commented "It's so easy!" Haha! * so action*

The Fraction Puzzle Game

Lego: I played Lego almost every other day. It's my favourite! We created so many things such as robots, playgrounds, towers, houses, furniture, vehicles, pyramids, animals etc..

Left: Me and my "futuristic city" Right: Giraffe, tiger, zebra and elephant (made by mummy)

Arts and Crafts: I made a simple Father's Day card for daddy. Mummy taught me how to fold a paper shirt. I wrote the wordings inside (spelled out by mummy) and coloured the front cover with oil pastels.

Daddy, I Love You!

Books: Of course, daddy and mummy read a lot to me too. During the day, I would "bug" mummy with a big stack of books. At night, daddy would read me bedtime stories. One of my current favourites is this...

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids... my very first self-help book :)

This book was written by Sean Covey. Sean Covey is the son of the famous author Stephen Covey who wrote the bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Daddy is crazy over self-help books such as this, so he bought this kids' version for me. I absolutely LOVE the stories in this book and can understand them very well.

Retelling a story with some hand gestures


  1. i like the 7 habits book too. u are so lucky that you mum and dad bought so many good activities to keep u busy during the holiday :)

  2. So many educational activities, no wonder you are so smart. Can re-tell the story with hand gestures some more..pandailah.

  3. Chloe is very clever, can retell story somemore.
    You sure warm your daddy's heart a lot with this beautiful Father's Day card.

  4. The father's day card is very nice! Sigh, we got nothing for the father...

  5. Day by day Chloe is getting more and more clever. Can see the difference between recent post and 6 months ago

  6. The paper shirt card is lovely. Your mummy is so wonderful.

  7. i can tell she is fully occupied with all activities at home during school holiday , thumb up to mummy !!:P

  8. LOL!! Chloe really spent her holidays to the fullness, kudos to mommy too... for the well organised activities for Chloe!

    Cheers and have a nice day!

  9. very fruitful of her holiday, mommy spend many quality time with her. My gal doing nothing but playing, relaxing at home with her 2 cousin brothers.

  10. terer lah daddy! start them young ey? haha...

  11. I think I'm gonna buy this 7 Habits of Happy Kids too 'coz I kinda like Stephen Covey's books. His son going into children market?...

    Chloe, your daddy must be very happy to see the colorful-shirt card on Father's Day!

  12. Wow..full of activities during the school holidays. Chloe is a smart girl.

  13. Wat a fun-filled hol! Hmmm... this book by Sean Covey sounds interesting.

  14. Lot of activities......Good !!
    I love that Fraction puzzle Game....Nvr saw it be4 at Sibu. Don't think my plc here got sell this kind of puzzle.


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