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Friday, June 25, 2010

FD Special: Hawaiian Happiness

Daddy was invited to my kindy today for a belated Father's Day celebration. He took time-off from work to attend this special event with me.

Too bad, we didn't dress to the theme "Hawaiian Happiness" because we didn't have any suitable outfits. Daddy wore his usual casual-Friday company T-shirt while I put on a blouse which had the most flowers on it haha!

Daddy and I

The day started with a special assembly where all of us and our dads sat in a large circle. We talked about our dads and dedicated a few songs to them.

After singing the I Love You song, I was seen hugging and manja-ing daddy

And then surprise, surprise... I volunteered to stand in front and sing!

Singing Daddy Darling with some pretty girls

Singing in a group... with the K1 and K2 pupils as well

Singing a Mandarin song Qing Ai De Ba Ba

Our next daddy-daughter activity was a special recycling activity to revamp daddy's old T-shirt using the tie-and-dye method.

Ms J briefing us on how to get started

Tied some marbles to the T-shirt with rubber-bands

After tying close to 20 marbles on the T-shirt (both front and back), we then soaked it in a pail of dye. There were two choices of red and blue dye, and I chose the blue one.

Pushing the T-shirt into a pail of blue dye with a stick

A few days later... tada!

Before and after: Daddy's old T-shirt (left) The new look (right)

This is for you, daddy. I love you! Everyday is Father's Day to me as you can see how clingy and manja I am to you every morning *grin*


  1. wow so cool leh. LOve the T-shirt

  2. This's indeed a wonderful, unique and meaningful way to celebrate Father's Day. The kindy teachers are really put effort to make this day so special for both children and their father.
    Chloe's daddy will feel proud to wear the T-Shirt. Why not take a picture of her daddy wear the shirt? :)

  3. Beautiful dye.... turned out to be very Hawaian... :) I also want to learn how to make one....

    Chloe and her daddy relationship is so SWEET! :)

    Happy belated Father's day!

  4. This event was so wonderful. Your dad and you would definitely remember this day forever. You are so brave to give your dad a surprise by singing to him. Great job.

  5. that's a great and memorable way to celebrate Father's Day :) I can definitely see how manja chloe is with her daddy :)

  6. Nice activities and the handmade T-shirt is really nice. Haha I think beach attire is okay for this Hawaiian theme.

  7. Nice 'T'... btw, how come my girl's montessori didn't celebrate Father's Day!:(

    A wonderful day to you!

  8. Wow...kindy has such a special nice.

  9. Such a special event!

    I like the new look of the t-shirt!

  10. Wah...The T-shirt came out sooo nice. Thumbs up to the teachers. Chloe is really a daddy's girl.

    Chloe can sing very well. Gwen doesn't like to sing but she loves to dance. I hardly hear her sing.

  11. This is a very meaningful event to daddy-Chloe in the celebration of Father's Day as you both participated those activities together!

    Daddy wears this blue-t already?

  12. oh this is so cool! daddy kenot stop smiling eh? haha!

  13. so nice kindy have such activiti for celebration father's day. It's really hard that daddy can take some time to attend the activity. It's quite meaningful.

  14. That's a very nice t-shirt. The idea is very original and the outcome is great too!

  15. Thanks for all the wonderful comments....hehehe..the idea just came to me in the spur of the moment....Yes, it was indeed a wonderful n memorable father's day for all my kindy kids n their dads...although some daddies were rushing to go to work but they certainly made an effort to come n support their kids...thanks again...

  16. Happy belated father's day to your hub! The T shirt's comes out so nice eh... Yan Yan's school apa pun tarak.. not even a father's day card wor..

  17. awww too cute! your daughter is too cute la! :)



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