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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toy Story 3 and a Popcorn Issue

We finally caught the latest sequel of our favourite movie Toy Story today. Kau-foo gave us a movie treat at the MBO Cinemas in Terminal 2, Seremban.

Our first movie experience in an MBO cinema.

Finally... we're going to watch Toy Story 3!

Overall, it was a very pleasant cinema. However, the service at the snack counter was a big letdown. We bought tickets for the 12:15pm matinee and when we proceeded to the snack counter to get some popcorn, we were told "Sorry ar, popcorn belum siap". I was so disappointed, I stomped into the movie hall with a charcoal-black face.

After settling down comfortably in my seat, I must have forgotten all about the popcorn. I was back to my cheerful self :)

Yay! Couldn't wait for the show to start

I enjoyed the movie very much! I laughed at some of the funny scenes and even talked during the show. When the movie ended, I told daddy the movie was not nice because the cinema was too cold haha.

On our way out, we walked past the snack counters again. Immediately, I dropped hints and told mummy "I want to eat something crunchy". Indirectly, I was asking for the popcorn. Mummy told Kau-foo to get me a small box. However, this time he was told "Popcorn habis". Apa lah!!

Anyway, a big thank you to Kau-foo again for the very entertaining movie! We loved it very, very, very much :)


  1. can I tag along next time? Buy you pop corn next time . If the fella say popcorn not ready i knock his head ..can ar? :p

  2. Aiyo! That popcorn stall really too much la! Anyway, glad Chloe enjoyed her show:)

  3. Chloe, your kau foo is really nice, he is quite good looking also. He is so sayang you la!

  4. This cinema looks quite exclusive but the popcorn issue is really teruk lah.

    The way Chloe drops hints is just like Gwen..haha.

  5. We watched Toy Story 3 movie last Saturday. Reckon Toy Story 3 is easier understood and fun for kids to watch. Shenny too kept on smiling when watching the movie.

    Shenny had a bad experience with popcorn before and she decided to eat 1 piece of popcorn this time, just for a taste. She dared not to eat more because she fell sick the following day after eating too much popcorn when she watched Shrek Forever After.

  6. Lucky that you did not have the chance to taste the popcorn because they are not TASTY at all! Nothing like TGV and GSC. Trust me!

    :( YX does not want to watch movie anymore. He said he is afraid of the loud sound and dark room. Sad. Sad.

  7. MBO small scale cinema, complaint!!!! hehe... good that she likes the movie, more movies to come soon! yay!

  8. everyones been talking about this moviee. ahhhhh but i cant watch it in the theatres because I fall asleep. its too dark inside the theatre, i guess i got to buy the DVDs



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