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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sports Carnival @ Sunway Lagoon

Today was quite an eventful day for me. It was my kindy's 9th Sports Carnival at Sunway Lagoon and it was our very first visit to the water theme park.

Hundreds of families (including us) thronged the world's largest man-made surf beach from as early as 7.30am. The morning shower might have dampened the ground but certainly not our enthusiasm. We were all raring to go despite the rain. Thankfully, it stopped just when the event was about to begin and for the rest of the day, we enjoyed the most perfect weather ever!

Still in a daze... and too stunned by the huge crowd! I refused to walk on the sandy beach and kept clinging to daddy like a koala :(

Testing the water...

I freaked out when I saw that Red Indian clown on stilts, and cried haha

Warming up to a dance exercise... the first activity of the day

Halfway through our morning exercise, I was distracted by the panda dancing beside me. I wanted to say hello.

Quite a number of families took part in the sand-sculpting competition. Too bad we didn't have the expertise to take on the challenge

Look at the huge crowd! At this time, the theme park was not even opened to the public yet!

I was not afraid of this friendly-looking girl-clown though... she made me a sword :)

Telematch time! I was sulking because I refused to take part in it but daddy and mummy "forced" me to :(

The teams getting ready to start the match. We played "soak a sponge with water and squeeze it into a bottle".

I was in the yellow team. Some of the teachers came around with big trays of cute butterfly hair-clips and put them on for us. Even the boys got "decorated" hahaha! See, I was still sulking *mum & dad shake heads*

Squeeze 'em dry!

After the match, I burst into tears! Hmm... dunno what was in my mind then, which made me cry. But the good news was, my team won the third place. We were all ushered to the island-stage for the prize-giving ceremony.

I won a medal and a goodie bag. Yay!

One for the album... smile!

I also participated in another game, but didn't win anything.

Butterflies on my head

Posing with some cute pandas from Mandarin Panda, a children's Mandarin program.

Soon, it was lunch time. We had KFC (provided meal) on our tiny mat on the beach.

The Sports Carnival ended soon after lunch. I got another goodie bag and some balloons, and left with a smiling face

We then explored another part of the water theme park - The Waters of Africa. I was not adventurous at all, and refused to play on the water slides. I just played in the wave pool most of the time...

Not into "extreme sports". Just this shallow wading pool will do

The wet playground known as the Little Zimbabwe

Playing water "canon"

Finally, bye-bye Sunway Lagoon!

The door gifts and goodie bags that we brought home


Drinks, moisturizing lotions, instant cereal sachets, cute clips, lollipops, pens, wrapped gifts...


Books from Scholastic

The wrapped gifts... a cute towel and a puzzle water tumbler. I love them very much!

Of course, my very first medal *proud*

I was so exhausted, I went to bed at 7:30pm and guess what? I went to bed with my precious bronze medal around my neck HAHAHAHAHA!


  1. Wah...what a fun day you had. And so many goodies! Congrats to Chloe for getting the bronze medal! :)

  2. Well done Chloe!! Bryan didn't know because his mummy & papa are too lazy!!!

  3. Congrates! Chloe, you got the bronze medal! So many goodies, nice!

  4. same as Philip hor.....dunno what made them so different on their sports day. not their usual stuff..

    goodie bags....that's fantastic. so many items.

  5. poor girl. she must have been overwhelmed by the crowd and noise. glad to see her smiling face later. so many goodie bags :D good job.

  6. Congratulation on your prizes.

    Why cry? too much excitement is it? It's okay. You are brave girl. Dont cry ya.

  7. 1st time at pnj sports carnival is certainly overwhelming....i'm glad the u enjoyed yourself at the end. I'm happy u love the prize and the goodie bags....

  8. wow, so many goodies and congrat to ur metal :P .. u means the kiddy organize this event ??? wow .. that was really fantastic carnival .. haven bough jeremy to sunway lagoon b4 ...

  9. Yes, Anggie. The whole event was organized by the kindy. It's held only once in 2 years.

  10. wow chloe's kindy is really nice to organise such a fun filled event!

    sunway lagoon is really fun!

  11. Wow, what an exciting event! Hehe..more exciting to receive so many goodies, I think. Congrats! Chloe, for winning bronze medal for your team.

  12. Well done Chloe u got yourself a medal! Sure it's precious for ya & sleep with it :-) So nice you brought back so many goodies!

  13. woah! looks like a lot of fun that day!! hehehe. lots of gifts too! equals awesome day leh! hehe glad u enjoyed it!

    jen @

  14. well done chloe! at least you got 3rd place! and im speechless to see sooooo many goodies u guys received from a kindy's sports day! keng!

  15. High 5 Chloe with Juan Juan! Last Sunday, Juan Juan was sulking too thoughout her sport day ... she told us it's not the day to attend Montessori, Sunday is for her to go 'gai gai'! :p

    Wow... sports carnival at Sunway Lagoon, do you need to pay for the entrance fee?! Or perhaps it's all sponsored by the Montessori? It's definitely lots of fun to hold a sport day there!^-^

    Have a nice day!

  16. Wow... the kindy's sports day is so grand! Congrats on ur medal n look at the amt of goodies u brot home! Double wow!

  17. My children used to like Genting Theme Park. After going to Sunway Lagoon last year, they keep telling that they love going to Sunway Lagoon more than Genting.

  18. This is real fun! Chloe's school really take the effort to do so many activities. My son's school is only studying and playing in the kindie's playground. haha....

    Sunway Lagoon...very shiok ya. Love to go there again but the tix are so expensive.

  19. wah... looks very very fun! so nice of Chloe's kindy to have the sports carnival in sunway... must be a headache for the teachers to organise :-) congrats for winning your first medal, Chloe!

  20. wah...kindi even so grand one ah? somemore so banyak vouchers? international school?


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