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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mummy, You See Me...

... is currently my MOST FREQUENTLY used phrase. Almost everyday, I will come up with all sorts of antics to amuse and entertain mummy. Sometimes, all I want is just her attention so it's forever mummy, you see me (this), mummy you see me (that)...

Mummy, mummy, you see me... I do yoga.
I learned this from a classmate, apparently...

Mummy, you see me, I can do two catwalks...
First, I walked with hands on my hips like a catwalk model and next, got down on all fours, crawled around and meow-ed like a cat hahaha.

Mummy you see me... I can swing so high!
Happiest at the playground!

Mummy, you see me... I'm sitting in the car boot!
Ready to be shipped off...

Mummy you see what I draw... (before mummy could say anything... I quickly explained) "I draw... tv spoil already".
Poor artist with a good imagination... "tv spoil already"

Mummy, why did you buy this Little Miss Chatterbox pyjamas for me? I never talk a lot wat. I am Little Miss Sunshine because I am always happy!

... but mummy thinks I AM quite a chatterbox at home

Mummy, mummy you see... I made a zoo!
The "zebra" and "tiger" were made by mummy (long, long ago that I refused to dismantle until now) while the rest were all my own creation. I was really proud of my zoo and "ostrich" (the red and yellow thing)

Mummy, mummy... do you know what is a leafhopper? A leafhopper is a grasshopper's friend. A grasshopper eats grass and a leafhopper eats leaves (I love to come up with all sorts of self-created creatures)

Mummy, mummy... why is this called a zebra-crossing? I think it should be "bee-crossing" because it looks more like a bee, not a zebra!" (referring to the yellow and black-striped zebra-crossing that we walk on every morning on the way to school)


  1. Haha..not bad, learn yoga in young age, you could stretch easier. Aunty just join yoga class recently, found out her 'spare parts' are so tight. Aunty does one day and need to rest for a week, because the whole body ache. You are good to start early, huh!

  2. Shenny's mommy: She is not attending yoga classes la... just imitating her friend haha. Ya, agree that yoga is an excellent form of exercise. I just bought a yoga DVD, hopefully can follow and learn on my own at home :)

  3. Very interesting post! I always enjoy reading Chloe's antics, she is a brilliant girl with wonderful imagination!

    I love her idea of 'Spoilt TV', her ingenious way of addressing objects, her creative architecture- 'My Zoo' and most of all, her beautiful and heart warming smiles!

    Have a lovely day!
    p/s: Bet mommy is very very proud of her!

  4. Her smile is so sweet! Makin hari makin cantik lah she.

    Oh..she is very good at playing Legos huh..Gwen's not interested in Legos.

  5. Chloe is such a darling ;)

    As usual, she looks lovely in all her photos ;)


  6. Chloe is so cute, haha, do and say anything to get your attention ;)
    I like the catwalk part, crawling like a cat.. haha :D

  7. hhhahhaa... a good home entertainer. love her imagination. Chloe is so smart lerh.

  8. I am definitely going to watch this space...Chloe is gorgeous as well as smart! And also have a cute sense of humour!!!

    psst! Ever thot of getting Chloe in tv ads???

  9. Chloe is a smart little one, with a great sense of humour. Extremely entertaining as well, I am sure life will be be dull at all for you, with her cute antics and remarks :)

  10. will never be boring with Chloe around to entertain you.

  11. SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! so pandai also (^^p)

  12. I like ur miniature zoo..very nice. Surely i ng seh tak to remove the pieces.

  13. haha she is so cute. Very good observer and good imagination.

  14. So cute.. ya ya~ should ask mummy to see after you've done something.. :)

    Btw, what's she doing in the car boot?

  15. ur C never failed to give us FREE entertainment...hahaha.. but why when see her in person, she so shy geh?? i think not even once she talks to me hor??

  16. Leona: Thanks for your compliments hehe :) TV ads? Nah, don't think she's brave enough to act naturally in front of the cameras. I actually brought her for a casting last year. She didn't get it though...

    P&P mum: Haha... the daddy was busy clearing and tidying the car boot and this fellar was hanging around so just chucked her in there for fun lor, while we still can :p

    Wyson's mummy: Haha biasa la, kids. Not yet warm-up to you ma. If you meet her longer, say 48 hours, she'll sure talk to you geh hahaha :p

  17. Oh! So adorable peeping from the car boot...Ask mummy to ship to auntie's house! Can draw more "TV spoilt" for auntie to see...hehe.

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  19. so cheeky and really having lots of idea there..i like the last one, bee crossing....we never thought of that too..

  20. Chloe is really a chatter box to mummy, and the mummy is nice, because she can cook so many varieties of food. By the way, the Zoo was really cool, I like it.

  21. Hahaha... Chloe, you're so funny! I think you're Ms Sunshine cum Ms Chatterbox lah. Your mummy will never get bored with you around.

  22. TV spoil edi... she's a genius! ;)

  23. What Chloe said and do is cute and smart!
    She is really good in building lego. I am impressed!

    She looked so "si man" in the long dress.

    I wonder from where Chloe learned "cat-walking".. from mommy? hehe.


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