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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rainy Days in Langkawi

To improve my writing skills, mummy makes me write a short journal after coming back from a holiday/outing/fun trip. So from now on, I can very well "take over" the writing of my blog hehe...

Some of the highlights of our 3D2N trip

On Day 1, we visited some places of interest and made many, many beach stops. We practically spent the whole day hopping from one beach to another. It was very fun and relaxing because we love beaches!

On Day 2, it rained the whole day. We could not proceed with our planned activities :( We could not go to the park. We could not go sight-seeing at the mountains. We could not take photos at Dataran Helang. We Mummy spent the whole day... shopping! We came home with one big bag of chocolates and pretzels!

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak... we had a mini picnic here

Sitting on a rocking tree branch!

At the entrance of Oriental Village, where the Langkawi Cable Car station is situated

Walking around Oriental Village

Yay! I like cable car rides...

Very misty after a morning shower... we could not see a thing!

Luckily it cleared up after a while

I spy with my little eyes...

The Skybridge was closed for maintenance... bummer. They did not follow the maintenance schedule that was published in their website... hmmph!

Before leaving Oriental Village, mummy bought me a packet of carrots so that I could feed the cute rabbits

Afternoon walk at the marina (very nice weather, not hot at all)

Pantai Pasir Hitam (large amounts of tourmaline and ilmenite in the granite of Gunung Raya causes the dark-hued sand)

Teluk Yu

Pantai Kok

An evening in Pantai Cenang

Watched people parasailing

Waited for the sun to set

The eagle's back side at Dataran Helang (we made 3 trips here and it was still raining so this pic was taken from the car)

Bye-bye Langkawi!


  1. nice holiday! also you are such a big girl now.. all you pictures with loads of laughter too! and bravo for taking over the blog with your little journal!

  2. Hmm Chloe is 'blogging' huh! Hehe, gambateh Chloe!

    I miss Langkawi so much~

  3. Cuti-cuti Malaysia! feel like going back to Langkawi again.

  4. Nice beaches! I have yet to bring my kids to any beaches :)

    I like Chloe's pink dress, so match the theme - lay-back beach strolling~

  5. Cuti cuti Malaysia. I am in KL since Sunday. Going back tomorrow. We enjoy this stay in KL to its fullest.

    It is always good to have a break from the routine, and got our batteries recharged.

  6. See her writing, very good sure no problem to write essay next year in Primary school. Very nice getaway, I always prefer sea, sun & sand holiday.

  7. oh..langkawi! looks like a fun trip. i do miss going there :) my sis just came back on tuesday and she said it only rained once. luckily :)

  8. Rainy day really can spoil the plan huh luckily still have places for shopping :)

  9. Her writings are so neat! Bravo!~

  10. Rain is really causing havoc. Spoil plan only.. Chloe has very nice handwriting :)

  11. When we were there last month, for the first 3 days it was nice weather and only rain when on our way to the airport, how lucky. But look you have also did many things in Langkawi. We also went to feed the rabbits in Oriental Village they are just too little and they are look sick! So much different compare to the last time we went...

  12. Chloe can write so well....never been to langkawi yet..

  13. Too bad it rained. Nonetheless it was a great holiday right?

    I have to wait 2 yrs to go for holidays like this..:(


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