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Friday, July 30, 2010

Of Ostriches and Lucky Buns

Last weekend, we were in Seremban. Gung-gung suggested bringing me to the ostrich farm. What? Birds again? I just went to the KL Bird Park a few days ago (kindy's field trip). I've already seen so many birds there, including ostriches. Still want to go? Gung-gung seemed very keen, so off we went, to the Ostrich Farm near Pantai, Negeri Sembilan.

Besides ostriches, we also saw other animals such as deer, cows, buffaloes, a camel and cranes

Mummy kept shouting to daddy "Please don't go too near, please don't go too near!!" She was afraid that the ostrich might peck my head or face haha

The ostriches we saw here belonged to the Negeri Sembilan Veterinarian Department so entrance was free. We didn't go into the Jelita Ostrich Farm because kiamsiap (stingy) mummy refused to pay the entrance fee of RM8 per person. She felt that the three activities offered were not interesting enough. The 3 simple activities were... a chance to stand on a real ostrich egg (which I've already tried before), watch an ostrich race and sit on an ostrich (sit only, on a stationary one).

When I overheard the adults' conversation about not entering the farm, I quickly insisted on sitting on an ostrich. Mummy didn't believe I would dare to sit on an ostrich because being the coward that I am, I wouldn't even touch a kitten or a puppy! I kicked up a small fuss when she turned down my request.

We spent a little more time "bird-watching" before leaving for Giant in Senawang for some grocery shopping.

And later, mummy bought my FAVOURITE bun for me from one of the coffeeshops in town. The LUCKY vanilla cream bun in the same old yellow packaging that mummy used to love as a kid...

Still looks the same as it was decades ago

We always come home with at least 5 buns. I love it very, very much and everytime I eat this, I would tell mummy "can you buy this bun for me forever and ever and ever?"

Mmmmm... How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

A younger me eating the same bun (pic taken last year)

After eating, blow up the wrapper and "POP" it!


  1. Maybe she is brave enough o sit on the ostrich ler. :)

    The roti looks familiar. I'm hungry already looking at them. *rumble*

  2. It is so nice to have close watching on the animals. Aiya, Chloe's mommy should let Chloe sit on Ostich if she has requested for. Who knows she will surprise you all! :)

  3. Chloe, u are so lucky that you lead such a happy and active life with yur mummy and daddy. If only auntie here is as energetic as yur mummy is..poor qiqi, korkor and didi, hehehe...

  4. woah! kids lovve the zoo dont they? i wanted to go to the zoo this summer too but i think it would be too sunny out lah! and im not really a walker too :)

    have a happy long weekend!


  5. She's brave to request sitting on an ostrich...but mummy knows her better hor? Maybe next yr...we'll see a pic of her on the ostrich:)

    The LUCKY, the packaging those look ancient...It must be REALLY have survived so many many many years...and a nice finale too for Chloe! POP!

  6. OLD SKOOL BUN!!! :D Been so long since I last saw this leh...

  7. If my Angel requested to sit on the ostrich, I think I would be worried the ostrich would ran away with her on its back too, hahahahaha ...... but she was brave enough to actually requested mommy for that :)

    The bun ..... is it really that nice? What filling is that? But the packaging really would bring back a lot of memories hor ..... never saw such packaging in the market nowadays.

  8. Nice to be bringing Chloe every where. I saw her during the recent school outing too. Not so blur looking this time :)

  9. Hello, I'm back from 2 weeks MIA!

    That's a wonderful and educative trip for Chloe, it's pity that you didn't give a try to ride on an Ostrich. it should be fun and interesting experience for her!

    I never see the bun before, it must be tasted really great since Chloe loves it!^-^

    Have a nice day!

  10. em.. heard that ostrich is quite fierce. Oh nice cream bun, after finish still can play with the plastic packet haha.

  11. We used to buy that bun too! haha.. very creamy butter inside. Yummy..

    Ohh.....ostrich is fierce. If me, I will be shouting too "don't go so near " ! hehe....

  12. Yes, you ring my bell about the bread. I remembered I love buying it from the uncle who is selling it from his motorbike.

    At least Chloe was brave to stand quite near to the ostrich. For Sarah, she kept asking me to bring her away from it.


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