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Monday, August 2, 2010

Goodies from Daddy's Colleagues

Quite often, daddy would come home from work with goodies in his bag. Every time I hear the crinkling sound of plastic wrappers when he digs his backpack, I will run to him excitedly to see what sweet surprises he has brought home.

Most of the time, they are chocolates from colleagues who have just returned from abroad...

Chocolates, anyone?

Liquor-filled chocolates

Chocolate truffles


No matter what he gets in the office, he will bring them home to share with us :)

Cupcake from a colleague's birthday

Golden Boronia Nougat

Some snacks from a hamper that his team has won (from dunno what team-competition)

Sometimes, the goodies are specially for me, like this delicious prawn crackers that daddy found on his desk, twice! :)

Thank you, Auntie Carol. The keropok is so tasty that it always gets "heavily-taxed" by daddy and mummy!

Of course, there were also many, many more that we've already eaten, unphotographed.


  1. wah alot... can u ask ur daddy to introduce his friend to uncle..

    pls.. i want to eat chocolate as well.

  2. wow, your daddy's office is such a cool place to work. there are so many good stuff to eat all the time :D now i feel like having some chocs :(

  3. I want! I want! I need no self-introduction that...I'm a chocoholic! I finished a big bag of GB nougat in 2 weeks recently! OMG! I don't know how I did that. Sure diabetic, if I went for blood test after finishing that bag!

  4. P&P Mum: Ya, a lot cos it's a collection since quite long ago :)

    CH Voon: Haha, no need to introduce. Just come and work in his company lah :p

    mtc: Chocs are very fattening wor. You didn't even touch those good stuff you had at home (durians) haha!

    Oliveoylz: I'm a chocoholic too! Yup, the GB nougat can be quite addictive. I esp LOVE the crunchy ones. Yums! 2 weeks is still ok lah. If you finished it in 1 day, habis lah your sugar level haha :p

  5. Wow, so many chocolates dingy. Yummy. Does Chloe take Liquor-filled chocolates too?

  6. Auntie love the liqour choc.

    aisey...Papa and Mama always tax your keropok ah? Naughty of them.

    What type of keropok you like? Fish, prawns or sotong?

  7. so much goodies??? auntie here also drooling over the chocolates now..

  8. Shenny's mommy: Of course mummy won't let Chloe take liquor. Daddy brought back quite a lot. He and mummy ate most of it and purposely left the four in the fridge as deco haha! Crazy hor?

    smallkucing: Chloe loves all kinds of keropoks. Anything crunchy is her fav. 2 big pieces wor, of course must tax. If not, sore throat how?

  9. Wah, I love overseas chocolate....yummy!

  10. need to buy chocs already. So many chocs! Itu keropok is Gwen's fav..hahaha.

    Mummy, you got let Chloe eat the chocs or not..hehe. :P

  11. Your daddy's friends are all so generous. Bought things to share in the office after their overseas trip.

  12. many goodies....Yummy...esp the chocolates.

  13. woah woah woah! look at all those junkfood. its like heaven hor?


  14. hahaha... maybe the company's task is not suit to me... so how???

    never mind, ChloeRuoyi... do you finish all the snacks? leave some for uncle okie?

  15. hahaha... maybe the company's task is not suit to me... so how???

    never mind, ChloeRuoyi... do you finish all the snacks? leave some for uncle okie?

  16. Kiahahhaha! Juan Juan will be darn jealous if I showed her your post, she loves chocolates!^-^ Chloe sure lucky to have such a thoughtful daddy and daddy's friends!

    Cheers and have a beautiful day ahead!

  17. wah.....where your daddy work hah? so shiok one!!!

  18. So sweet of daddy's coliq to specially give keropok to u.


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