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Saturday, October 13, 2007

14 months old

I am 14 months old today. I’m a big girl now…

Physical Development
- I am 80cm tall and I weigh about 11kg.
- I have 12 teeth.
- I still drink 5 to 5.5oz of milk, 4 times a day
- I take 2-3 solid meals a day.
- I wear clothes that are meant for toddlers aged 3 or above
- I walk 80% of the time but when speed is required, I regress to crawling.

What I know
- I can identify most of the objects in the house.
- I know who’s who in my family (including daddy and mummy’s family)
- I can point to all the parts of my body correctly except armpit. I think I know where it is, but have trouble finding the exact spot. So I always end up pointing to my chest.
- I know most of the objects or animals in my books.
- I can follow simple commands given by mummy. Eg: Put it back in the drawer. Keep your toys. Pick up the book. Wipe your saliva. Take the handphone for mummy etc.

Speech Development
I’m slow in this department. Compared with other kids my age who can imitate and say words taught to them, I can only say “hi”, “papa” and “daddy”. I do babble and mumble a lot but sadly, nobody understands me.

Things that I like to do (in no particular order)
- Reading books and flipping mummy’s magazines
- Digging for stuff around the house
- Playing with cardboard boxes and empty bottles/containers
- Watching Barney
- Going gai-gai
- Sitting on a swing
- Pom-pom (bathing)
- Playing hide-n-seek cum peek-a-boo
- Putting things into my mouth


  1. wow...Chloe is growing taller and smarter each day!

    Mummy, it takes multi-lingual kids longer to grasp languages because they have much to learn, but once they do, they're great in all of them!:)

  2. Wow she is taller and heavier than my girl. She is clever too know most part of her body, my girl don't. Glad she is grow well and healthy.


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