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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sunday Tantrum

Last Sunday saw me kicking up a HUGE fuss. I was taking my usual afternoon nap when I was awaken by a strange dream (as assumed by mummy). This ignited a crying spell - the worst and longest I've ever had.

Daddy and mummy found themselves scratching their heads as to what pacifying tricks and techniques to use to calm me down. I refused and pushed away everything that was offered to me... milk, water, toys, hugs, cuddles and just stood there crying my lungs out for a good half an hour.

It was much later that I realized I should have accepted one of the offers extended to me earlier... daddy's warm and loving embrace.

The most comfortable place in the world

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  1. Hi Chloe! Thanks for dropping by our blog :o). Maybe you can ask your daddy if any other of his cousins/relatives are bloggers, ha ha... like your Koo-jie yah? We see you threw a surprise tantrum yes? Hopefully it doesn't happen often... or else mummy & daddy will have a hard time... you take care of your mummy & daddy yah? :o)


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