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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sick Again...

I am down with fever again... the 2nd time within a month! Plus a running nose that has been going on for weeks. I rarely had fever, maybe just once. And my running nose? It just won't go away... Since I temporarily "left home" about a month ago, my immune system seemed to have taken a big dip.

I think it must be the different environment that my body is not used to. Daddy said maybe our home is too clean so when I'm placed elsewhere where cleanliness is compromised, I succumb to the nasty germs. It's pretty obvious... I noticed too, that the tip of my fingernails are always filled with those black yucky stuff.

Daddy, mummy... every evening when I cry and want to follow you home, you say "No, not today, dear". Now that I'm a spoilt brat, I've broken my teeth, I've sucked the lead part of a pencil, I've fallen sick again and again... (and many other things that you aren't even aware of in your absence) what else are you waiting for to happen?

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