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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chloe the "Queen"

I happened to be dressed in all-white the day we dropped by this giant chess set in a mall. So mummy said hey, I could be a white chess piece... a Queen, perhaps?

I have to be careful not to make the wrong move...

Black knight beware! I am coming to "eat" you! Haha...


  1. So cute! You are as tall as those chess pieces... When I am bigger, I'll join you in the game too ok.

  2. haha so coincidence she wore all white that day.

  3. Sure, Leanne! See you there!

    It WAS fun, Aunt D :-) If mum and dad weren't there, I would loved to have toppled everything down hehe...

    Yes, Aunty Vic, I wasn't dressed for that... so "ngam" only...


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