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Monday, April 28, 2008

Daytime Diaper-free

Mah-mah has finally decided to start potty-training (for pee-pee) me today. Mummy has always wanted to start this much earlier but she kept procrastinating it due to laziness. I think she was also waiting to use up the over-stocked pile of diapers:

Daddy can now start saving money on diapers. Yipee! And I'm finally diaper-free during the day. Yipee! Mah-mah even claimed that I could run faster than usual without the "excess baggage" hanging below. Hahaha!

Everything went well except for an "accident" after dinner. I must say I did quite well - just one "accident" on my first day. *Hugs* *Kisses* from mummy and daddy :-)

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