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Friday, January 2, 2009

KLCC & Aquaria

Daddy is currently on a long leave. Not knowing where else to go, we decided to go to KLCC today.

My favourite ride - the Barney Car

And while we were there, we walked all the way to the Aquaria. After hanging around the entrance for a few minutes, we decided to go in. This was totally unplanned. Although the entrance fee was slightly pricey (not much to see), it was quite a nice experience.

Touching and holding a starfish for the 1st time

Yikes... not too near, daddy. That's an electric eel, mind you...

Watching the piranhas...

I think this fish is as big as daddy (if not heavier)

This was the best part of the tour - the ocean tunnel (or whatever they call it) but I was more interested in the walkalator instead... We walked through this tunnel 3 times and everytime daddy or mummy asked me to look at something, I would just take a glance and hastily returned to play on the walkalator.

Close Encounter with Jaws

Later we had our dinner in the park - a picnic. I loved to watch the dancing fountain. However, there were too many people smoking there so we decided to go back into the mall.

Thumbs down for the heavily polluted air

The fountain was on again as we were leaving. It looked prettier at night with the lights on. We also took a few (blur) shots of the Twin Towers while walking back to the carpark...

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