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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Serial Spectacles Murderer

They (daddy & mummy) just don't seem to have learned their lessons. Knowing very well that I've been a repeat offender, especially after Incident 1, Incident 2 and Incident 3, they still let me handle this piece of fragile thing... and then have the cheek to put the blame on me. Sigh!

Well, this is what I am talking about... my new pair of sunglasses that mummy bought as a souvenir from the Aquaria trip.

It has a cute frame made up of 2 kissing fishes

I loved it very much... have been wearing it daily since the day we bought it

Sadly, on Day 5, it got "murdered"...

Broken beyond salvation...

Mummy thinks the title The Serial Spectacles Murderer befits me perfectly now.


  1. A serious title you got. Haha look like she like doing post mortem of those spectacles LOL

  2. i'm in the same situation as u also. philip has learned the art of breaking glasses / spectacles..


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