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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sweet and Caring

Sometimes I can be a very sweet and caring little girl, much to mummy's surprise, especially when I show concern over her safety.

Everytime I move something i.e. a chair or a box and mummy's leg is nearby or in the way, I'll move it slowly, carefully while cautioning her "Excuse me mummy, be careful your leg... your leg... take it away".

Whenever I see mummy climbing a chair to reach out for something in the wall cabinets, I'll warn her "Mummy, don't stand on the chair. Afturds fall down".

Yesterday, while mummy was wiping and cleaning the kitchen window grills (and standing on a small stool), I kept reminding her "Mummy, be careful, mummy be careful... don't fall down".


  1. Awww she really sweet and caring, keep remind mommy to be careful

  2. This is their inner beauty. Sweet and Caring..


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