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Friday, June 15, 2012

School Holidays Random Photos

During the 2-week school holidays, I did not go anywhere and stayed at home most of the time. I did very little homework/reading but spent a lot of time watching tv, playing with iPad games, practicing my piano, playing with my toys etc. Besides sitting at home, I went on a few outings too...

Shopping Malls
Most of our outings were spent hanging out at malls (mainly to enjoy the free air-con because it's too hot at home). The newly opened Paradigm Mall is currently the nearest "decent mall"  to our home and we have already been there 6 times since it's opening about a month ago. 

People-watching at Paradigm Mall

Look at this cute, fanciful and tiny little umbrella!

Jump-jump and play-play in Publika

Hitching a ride on Yeh-Yeh's rented motorized buggy in 1 Utama

We spent 3D2N in Seremban, and did the usual stuff of jalan-jalan, makan-makan and having a good time with Ah Ma and Gung-gung.

Morning walk at the Seremban Lake Garden

 Blast from the past... daddy bought me an outdated toy, the Brick Game... it's so obsolete that it costs only RM2.90!

I had two playdates with cousin Leanne and one with Aaron, my classmate and best friend.

At Leanne's house... I miss my baby Stride to Ride so much that everytime I'm there, I will surely ride on it although I'm already too big for it.

Playing the with Aaron at home

An Evening in KLCC
We made another impromptu trip to KLCC again. Instead of taking the straight-forward and convenient LRT there, we took the Commuter (interchanged to LRT at KL Sentral) just because I wanted to sit on the "train".

"Pole dancing" in the train

Spent hours playing in the KLCC playground

Very nice musical fountain at night

We ate out quite often... mummy was in a holiday mood too and was lazy to cook on many occasions tsk tsk tsk...

Hi-tea buffet at The Living Room, Westin KL

First time trying clam chowder in an edible bowl (made of bread)... yummy!

Had KFC breakfast for the first time in my life... it was daddy & mummy's first time too!

Family dinner at an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant. Yeh Yeh loved this place so much that we actually dined here twice within a month!


  1. The photo of grandpa and chloe is so cute!
    Heard bout the Paradigm mall so much.. Wish to visit it!

  2. that looks like a very fun holiday. so relaxing and enjoyable. you gave me an idea. we should really take a train to klcc and enjoy the night view. it's lovely huh?

  3. Though Chloe didn't go anywhere, but Chloe's holiday is so much fun and relax. I like it.

  4. Wah, you managed to do lots of things with Chloe during the school holidays. She had so much fun!

  5. love the last photo but terkejut at the chocolate mouth photo

  6. where is the all you can eat Japanese restaurant?

    1. It's at Izakaya Ichiban in Hartamas Shopping Centre. It's all-you-can-eat during the weekends and only a la carte on weekdays.

  7. Very fruitful school holiday. Oh that Izakaya Ichiban located at Hartamas? Buffet only on weekend??

  8. That mini umbrella is so cute! Did mommy get it for Chloe?

    1. The mini umbrella is not only cute but very cheap too but mummy didn't get it for her... it will surely get thrown aside at home :p

  9. 6 times at the newly operated mall! Wow....we have never been there yet.

    What Jap restaurant (the last photo) is that?

  10. Sarah used to love train riding, but after 2 times riding, she get bored.

    The motorised buggy is so cool. How much for the rental?

    1. The motorised buggy is FOC.. you can rent it at the customer service counter (subject of availability) but have to pay a deposit of RM50, I think. When you return the buggy, you'll get back the money. Cool, eh? Great for people who have difficulty in walking, esp old folks :)


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