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Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Weekend Getaway

We went for a 2D1N weekend getaway in the Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel in KL last weekend. After postponing the stay a few times earlier due to daddy's busy-ness, we finally made it there on Saturday (29 Oct).

I love hotel stays!

The lobby of the hotel looked quite impressive

Daddy bought the hotel package early this year (we still have another night's stay in the Holiday Inn Glenmarie)

The room was pleasant and cosy

After checking-in to the room, we did not go anywhere but spent the whole day relaxing there. We buried ourselves in books, watched tv and stuffed ourselves silly with biscuits, msg-free potato chips and fruits brought from home. I also brought along my homework bag and kept myself very busy with homework :)

Dunno what motivated me so much... I spent HOURS doing homework (workbooks) quietly by myself in the hotel room!

Playtime with daddy dearest *so happy*


I kept pestering mummy for a bubble bath! (We scrapped the idea of going swimming because the hotel did not have a children's wading pool!)

At 7pm sharp, we went for the BBQ Seafood-Night Rendezvous buffet dinner at the Planters' Inn

Some of the scrumptious spread

I was very hungry and walloped everything on these two plates... plus some desserts too

Some of the food that daddy and mummy took... they enjoyed the dinner very much!

While daddy and mummy spent 2.5 hours eating to their hearts' content, I just waited patiently... I was bored to tears *yawn* but I did not complain or hurry them until they were ready to leave hehe!


Burning the midnight oil... Back at the room, after dinner and before bedtime, I continued to do my homework... without being told to :)

The following day, we had lunch at the Planters' Inn again to be eligible for the complimentary cake. We ordered and shared two Japanese rice sets with grilled salmon. 

Our simple, healthy and yummy rice sets , also served with fresh fruits (not in the picture)

Delicious grilled salmon

A clown made this for me!

We finally got the cake! It looked big and felt rather heavy too...

It was "upgraded" to a 2kg Black Forest cake. Quite yummy but a tad too sweet... we brought it back to Mah-mah's house to share it with the rest of our family members :)


  1. gosh Chloe is such a hardworking girl. she brought her homework along? mine just want to watch tv and relax at the hotel :)

  2. mtc: Those are not really homework la (as in her school homework)... just some workbooks and activity books that she enjoys doing :)

  3. must bring her to hotel more often so she can do her homework effortlessly :D

    u must try The Mix at Holiday Inn Glenmarie. I love that place!

  4. i think is the new environment that make her wanted to utilize the table with her home works :) The food looks good!

  5. Well, the best part of staying in a hotel is the buffet meal, hehe ;)

  6. So nice to have a short gateaway!~

  7. I'm enjoying looking at those BBQ seafood dishes..yummy.

  8. Wow, wow, wow! I love this kind of holiday, just being relaxed and chilled in the hotel. The food and the cake are another bonus for the holiday.

  9. HL - I finally found someone who likes local hotel stays more than me!!! Ha ha.

    I'll probably buy another hotel package after mine expires. Based on your experience so far, which one wld u recommend? Btw, they give 2 hotel stays for this? (normally only one)

  10. Wow, another exquisie gateaway! OMGosh... I'm petrified by Chloe's preschool homework, guess the school is preparing thm for chinese medium primary since it's reknown for its Homework-ful holiday!

    p/s: Ipoh trip, *snapped fingers, I hv entirely forgot abt JJ swissroll!=_=

    Thx for your warm thought abt Husky, most appreciated!

  11. Alice: No lah, those are not her school homework... just some workbooks and activity books brought from home that she enjoys doing :) Her kindy tarak give homework one :p

  12. I ve been to this hotel once to attend a conference. Love their food.

    So u have another cozy and relaxing stay awaiting you and your family,right...

  13. very spacious room. haha I like her photo doing homework under the desk light, like having huge exam tomorrow keke

  14. You join a new hotel package? We are conned by SGIVC lah..the hotels they offered are lousy ones.

    Your Chloe is really hardworking and well behaved. You are a lucky mum. :) The hotel room is so spacious and wonder Chloe loves hotel stay lah.

  15. A break from routine, that's nice! Chloe enjoy herself so much from this short stay at the hotel. I'm drooling over the cake ^.^

  16. Another hotel stay? Chloe so han-fuk... :) Also a very good girl - doing 'homework' and not disturbing daddy and mommy's 2.5 hours dinner! Leanne also like doing 'work' (drawing and colouring) at hotels, dunno why...

  17. Nice..another hotel stay getaway. Ha..really salute Chloe for so hardworking to do homework without being told. No wonder she is so smart.

  18. Wow the whole day stay in hotel room & food, must be very relaxing :-)

  19. U guys really love hotel stays w/in the city. It's a good way of breaking the routine n enjoy a short relaxing trip.
    Wow... Chloe's a model student. She really loves "homework" eh. ;) It's so wonderful that she makes the initiatives all by herself.

  20. must be the environment motivated her to do her homework. haha.... Nice and cozy.

    The salmon looked so yummy


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