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Monday, November 29, 2010

I Love to Eavesdrop

I may look blur and unaware of my surroundings most of the time but surprise, surprise! I actually love reporting all the happenings in school to mummy. And where do I get all the information from? I eavesdrop, of course haha!

Info 1 - I know her brother's name
Me: Mummy, do you know that Krysta (my classmate) has a baby brother? His name is Oscar.
Mummy: How do you know?
Me: I listen lah. I listen when Krysta was talking to teacher.

Info 2 - I know where he went and when he's coming back
Me: Mummy, do you know that Aaron (my classmate) didn't come to school because he went to Singapore? He is coming back on Monday.
Mummy: How do you know?
Me: I heard. When he was talking to teacher, I heard.

Info 3 - I even know what he is allergic to
Me: Mummy, Sri Ganesh (my classmate) cannot eat food with cream, you know.
Mummy: Really? Why?
Me: He will cough.
Mummy: How do you know?
Me: Teacher said lah... I heard.

Info 4 - I also know mummy's secrets *grin*
Me: Mummy, is this your *secret*?
Mummy: Yes, how do you know?
Me: You told daddy ma... I heard.
Mummy: *Must learn to whisper more often* haha!

And there are many more other stories which mummy has forgotten to jot down. Sometimes, the accuracy of my info is questionable...

Me: Mummy, today I have a new friend in school. A girl :)
Mummy: Oh, what's her name?
Me: Zebra.
Mummy: Zebra? Did you hear wrongly?
Me: Yes, it's Zebra. I heard teacher calling her Zebra many times. I got listen!


So innocent-looking... but I'm actually a Little Miss Nosey in disguise (pic courtesy of Koo-koo)


  1. hhahaha... Psssttt..... we must talk very very slowly next time...

  2. friend call giraffe or not?

  3. Chloe is good at overhearing. Wakakakaka!

  4. Haha..never judge people based on appearance. Chloe is a good example.

  5. haha really good listener wor, just like a small satellite. Zebra?? wat a weird's Debra??

  6. Wah.. next time if you're talking something secret, better whisper/write. If not, your little 'CNN' might heard :P

  7. hahahahaha... the next we meet, better i whisper! hahahahah! she is so cute ;p

  8. hahaha.. so cute! She is smart lah.

  9. Oh my..she is so alert. Gwen on the other hand is blur blur one..haha. I have to dig and dig info from her regarding school and friends. She is very pretty.

  10. Chloe is like a sponge...absorbing all the info around her.
    Good for 007 agent next time...:P

  11. Curi dengar....traits of an attentive child! Couldn't stop laughing at her new friend by the name of Zebra...hahaha.

  12. LOL!! Chloe is such a cheeky girl. Yeah, I think kids have bionic ears. They can hear so much eventhough when we are whispering :D

  13. hahaha! Chloe's so cheeky! So mummy got entertained by her news also? ;-)


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