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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My JP Collection

I used to love this game very much when I was a little toddler. I loved it so much that mummy kept buying more and more for me while friends and relatives also chipped in a few sets for me. As my collection grew, mummy bought a big box (well, actually medium-sized lah) to store them. Since the day they went into storage, I rarely played with them anymore.

Today, mummy and I had a very fun afternoon digging them out one by one. We played and played and played until daddy came home from work... to find the dining table bare. Sorry dad, no dinner cos mummy was busy playing this with me...

Can you guess what's inside this box?

OK, let me give you a clue... you join them piece by piece like this until a nice picture is formed

Yes, it's a jigsaw puzzle... and here is my collection!

The above collection does not include these two boxes because both mummy and I do not have the patience to sit through, flip, find, match and join 500 tiny pieces together. Well, maybe not now but one fine day, we will.

Here are some of the interesting ones...

This is my very first jigsaw puzzle. It is a wooden, 16-piece, set of 2, which mummy bought from Tesco at only RM5.90. Very cheap, right? I started playing and solving this puzzle when I was barely 2 years old (at 21 months old). Of course, I played them day and night, probably for more than 200 times, before I had a new set haha!

The moment I saw this puzzle, I exclaimed "We played this in the cruise ship!" Yes, mummy bought this for me from an off-shore tour in Phuket while cruising in SuperStar Libra last year. Unfortunately, I did not have the patience to complete this 108-piece puzzle and left the job to mummy...

These two are my smallest and simplest puzzles. They are the free gifts that came with the Enfagrow Tetrapak that mummy bought in Phuket on our cruise trip.

Disney Princesses... a special present from daddy's colleague, Uncle Syed... for dunno what ocassion (mummy has forgotten!)

And two books... there is a jigsaw puzzle in every page

This set of foam 3-D puzzles are quite cute and interesting too. Although it's not a jigsaw puzzle, it landed in the same box so we played with it as well. It was given by Auntie Jennifer.

More puzzles from See-yee Por, Kau-foo, Tai Koo Ma and Auntie BS


  1. wow, alot of nice JP and also well keep ... thumb up !! mine some got missing edi ...

  2. I was thinking hard what does JP means..hehe.

    Wow..Chloe has such a vast collection of JP. So many of them I have no idea where to buy. I like the 3D ones.

  3. Wah, such a big collections of jigsaw!

  4. Wow so many jigsaw puzzles!
    I love puzzles as well, I remember I bought a jigsaw puzzle early this year, its the scene of a dolphin in the deep sea. It took me weeks to finish forming it =_=

  5. wow so many puzzles. i don't have patience to do the 500pieces too. hehehe. i used to play jp when im younger.

  6. so banyak until have to put in such a big box? wow...but puzzle is surely a good game :)

  7. wah....really a lot & very nice of JP colletion she has. Zhi Qing likes JP too.Too bad, she didn't store it well like Chloe, always miss placed somewhere.haih...

  8. wah, so many jp. geng ah chloe. right now im still playing my sea animals puzzle la. :P

  9. Wow... that's a lot of puzzles! And the boxes r all still nice n intact. The toys' boxes/container in my hse usually dun survive for long. Rough kids I hv. :p

  10. wow really a lot, she can patiently finish it piece by piece. Good..

  11. OMG!! lots and lots and lots of JP.. :)
    I hate cleaning up after puzzle pieces....

  12. Stunning collection, Juan Juan is drooling over it now!^-^

  13. JP is a good pass time and stimulating to the brain.. bravo to you and all your JP sponsors! I'm giving JP to my kids too, and they both love it, esp Vic can also get hooked to it...

  14. Very impressive collection! And all very well-kept. Sigh... my kiddos ones are all mixed up and has missing pieces!


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