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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family Day in PD

Last Sunday, we went to Port Dickson for a short 2D1N family vacation. We went with daddy's family, which included Mah Mah, Yeh Yeh, Tai Koo Ma, Johnny Koo-jeong, Jeremy kor-kor, Yee Koo Ma, Hayley jie-jie, Koo-koo, Nelson Koo-jeong and of course, daddy, mummy and I. All 12 of us went in 3 cars. We reached the hotel just before noon.

We stayed in the Ancasa All Suites

Waiting at the lobby while daddy was busy with the checking-in procedures... I was instantly attracted to these cute chairs

Daddy booked 2 apartment units (each with 2 rooms) and 2 extra beds to accommodate all of us. Although the apartments were rather old, they were overall quite pleasant and comfortable.

The bedrooms

Next, we went for lunch at a nearby kopitiam. Here are just some of the food that we had...

A manja-moment with daddy... I love it when he cradles me like a baby *manja*

Next activity... swimming!

With cousins Hayley and Jeremy

A very happy pic (taken by Koo-koo)

I had a good 45 minutes swim in the icy-cold pool and ended up with a bad, chesty cough the next day :( 45 mins wasn't quite enough and mummy had to threaten me and drag me out of the pool! We rested and relaxed on bed after a good, warm shower.

Aaaah! So somfy...

In the evening, we walked to the beach to view the beautiful sunset.

Walked past this pretty Balinese garden on our way to the beach

Squatting beside daddy, waiting for the sun to go down

The sun sitting on the horizon

In just a matter of seconds, it had sunken below the horizon

Silhouette of daddy, me and a coconut tree

Nice skyline after the sunset

Soon, it was dinnertime. We drove to a nearby restaurant called Weng Yin Seafood Village. It was just 5 minutes' drive from the hotel. At the restaurant, I was completely knocked out and slept on daddy's arm throughout the entire meal. I managed to wake up towards the end of the meal (again, after some threatening from mummy!) and gobbled up a plate of rice.

Here's what happens when I skip my afternoon nap

Here's the nice meal that I missed... (except for the prawns and veggies that were non-spicy).

2 jugs of sugar cane & waterchestnut herbal tea, Chinese-herbs chicken, stir-fried yau-mak, fish, mantis prawns and steamed fresh prawns

To be continued...


  1. i love steamed fresh prawns the most...sooo nice.

    i also planning to bring my gals to beach...hopefully can make it.

  2. Such a big family trip! hehe.
    Beautiful photos of the sunset ;)

  3. Poor girl...You looks tired...can sleep in this pattern.

  4. Lovely photos of the sunset!

    My girl loves to be carried like a baby too :)

  5. what a nice lil holiday! NICE NICE NICE!!!!

  6. Your holiday trip is one after another. This was a very wonderful vacation. Chloe still could gobble down a plate of rice when sleepy, thumbs up.

  7. adoi Chloe missout the good food ah?

  8. that pose on the bed...... Chloe has a very very long arms and legs...... I have never been to PD before.....

  9. I think the kids really enjoy going for a holiday with such a big group. Tiring but fun.

  10. Ohhhh... I couldn't stop to fall in love with the beautiful sunset! What a great outing, glad to see Chloe had so much of fun within a day!

    More joyful holiday to you all!

  11. Wow, another trip. Chloe is so lucky to have so many trips. She is also a daddy's girl la, so manja. LOL!
    The sunset pictures are very nice. LOVE THEM!!!

  12. I have never been to PD before,, may be one of these days should make a trip down..

    Chloe must be the happiest one, got holiday, somemore can manja dan dicradle...

  13. No need to go Bali lah..PD also got beautiful sunset. You took nice photos. :) The food looks sedap too. Gwen cannot sleep like Chloe..hehe..she is quite fussy one..needs a proper bed. Only when she is really tired then she will doze off in the car.

  14. Wah what a pleasant holiday you had ^_^ wish can have one too but still busy with my holiday. The way Chloe slept is so cute hahaha, she's same like me, can sleep everywhere lol

  15. Really nice to go for a hol with immediate family mbrs. A good bonding time for everyone.
    Love the sunset pics. Beautiful!

  16. Really nice Balinese Garden. Haha she is daddy girl and daddy like to cuddle her like that :)

  17. I also like to 'baby manja' like you. Hehe. Oh, I love all your photos, especially the sunset ones! So beautiful...


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