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Thursday, November 25, 2010

And the Fun Continues...

We woke up to a gloomy, rainy morning on the second day (of our family trip in PD). Unable to go for our planned morning walk in the Balinese garden, we just lepak-ed in the apartment. We kept ourselves happily occupied with food and games.

Playing catch-ball with Tai Koo Ma.

When the rain finally stopped at about 10am+, warm sunshine greeted us. Hayley jie-jie and Jeremy kor-kor went for a swim but I did not join them. We went for our "postponed" morning walk in the garden instead. (Mummy didn't allow me to swim because I was down with a very phlegm-y cough)

We took a very slow walk in the beautifully landscaped garden

Greetings from "Bali" hahaha

Very nice!

Something in the pond attracted us. We saw a lot of tadpoles in it.

Look daddy... so many tadpoles!

Daddy scooped a few out for me to play with.

Surprisingly, I had the courage to touch it and even wanted to hold it in my palms.

Quick! Give it to me, dad.

Little tadpole swimming in my little hands

After that, I spent about 15 minutes playing in the children's play room.

The spacious and comfortable play room

Playing a racing and shooting game with daddy

Soon, it was time to check-out and leave. We went to Lukut for lunch in a restaurant called Lucky Seafood. This restaurant is famous for its King Buns.

Those are the XL buns with curry fillings in it

We ordered 2 curry King Buns and had rice with dishes: Claypot tofu, bamboo clams, sweet and sour pork, paku veggie and steamed fish *Burp*

On the way home, we dropped by Ah Ma's house in Seremban to return some stuff. We also stopped for more food. This time, it was just something light and refreshing... we had cendol in the town.

Mmmm... Hayley jie-jie and I savouring our bowl of fragrant and delicious cendol

We headed straight home after that. We reached home at about 6pm and mummy even managed to cook us a simple and healthy dinner. It was quite a tiring trip for the adults but totally fun for us kids!


  1. woi...mana gua punya share...curry bun LOL

    syok ah you go "Bali" without having to pay for plane tickets :D

  2. Those king buns look scrumptous!

  3. The food looked so delicious. Chloe really had a very fruitful holiday.

  4. The hotel is very nice! Love the children playroom too, looks so comfy. And like the garden too. Almost same like in Bali when I went there haha.. Foods look good ah? Never try a king bun but I'm drooling now hahaha

  5. wow..the meal looks delicious..

  6. *droooooooooooling* over the food, im hungry now, seifor!

  7. the hotel sure look nice with the Balinese decor. hey, Chloe looked so stylo-mylo in her pink sunnies :)

  8. Such impressive Balinese landscaping! Hehe... since you had cough and phelgm, your cendol is better to share with Auntie Law lar~!(Auntie Law loves cendol to bits)^-^

    Cheers and have a nice day!
    p/s: Wish Chloe is feeling better now!

  9. The garden is so nice. Definately relaxing. Talking about tadpole, my Yin Yue never seen a tadpole yet. Hmmm...
    Wow, the curry king bun is really XL size, 1 person surely cannot finish it.
    HUH? Got phlegm-y cough still can eat cendol ah? hahhahah...

  10. Yin Yue: The King Bun is not meant for 1 person, unless that person can really eat! It costs RM25 each. If want to eat just that until full, I think sharing it among 2-3 persons will be just right. It's very delicious... the bun is soft and fluffy and the curry is very flavourful.

    Hahaha this mummy gila a bit one la. Not only did she eat cendol... she even ate ice-cream the next day! And the amazing thing is, she's much better already :)

  11. This hotel not bad wor. The food looks so delicious. I'm feeling hungry now..hehe. I thought Chloe' was having cough..rupa-rupanya Mummy. Get well soon.

  12. this nice garden is at the apartment hotel? is it something new? tot PD is bored, hehe...

  13. Such a nice & enjoyable family trip.
    Pretty Chloe,she looks big girl now.


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