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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Horrible Candy

A few days ago, I came home from school with something hidden in my mouth. It was a "sweet" given to me by my bus teacher. I immediately popped it into my mouth because I thought I could finish it before we reached home and mummy wouldn't know that I have eaten a sweet in the bus... hah!

However, the "sweet" (it was deceivingly wrapped like a candy) turned out be the most awful thing I've ever eaten. I should have known better not to eat it in the first place judging from its "ugly" and wrinkly appearance. Since it was already in my mouth, I had to keep a straight face and dared not spit it out - the bus teacher was just sitting nearby.

It was after reaching home that I finally confessed to mummy... "MummyYang Laoshi (the bus teacher) gave me a sweet but I don't like it. It's not nice. It tastes horrible! It's very, very sour and very, very salty!!" **ptooi... spit the sweet out**

Mummy burst into laughter when she saw the "sweet", which was not a sweet after all. It was a preserved sour plum (shuen mui)...

The remains of the HORRIBLE SWEET hahaha!

Although mummy found my story rather amusing, she is glad and thankful that I did not choke on it while reluctantly "storing" it in my mouth throughout the 7km bus-ride home! 


  1. Pop the whole shuen mui in the mouth, wow, I can imagine her face, hehe :P

  2. muahahahhah....this is so funny! i love suen mui even when i was a kid :D

  3. I'm sorry that I laughed too..hehe. Funny ler...teachers give sour plums to the kids.

  4. hahhaha.....cute Chole. Yes...luckily she did not choke during the bus ride.

  5. Really indeed looks horrible... hmm...


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