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Friday, August 30, 2013

Makan-makan @ Oasis Square

Backdated post: Jul/Aug 2013

There's a new place in our neighbourhood - Oasis Square in Ara Damansara. Well, it is not exactly new but since we only went there for the first time in late July, it was considered new to us. After our first visit, we subsequently made a few more visits with friends and family just to sample some of the many F&B outlets there. 

The first time we went there was during my playdate with Aaron. Auntie Stephanie (Aaron's mom) brought us there for lunch. We had set lunch and salad in a Korean restaurant. The food was good and it was quite reasonably priced too...

Play date and lunch date with my bestie, Aaron

Set lunch that I shared with mummy (because we had a very heavy breakfast before this)

We also shared a large plate of salad...yummy!

The next day, mummy brought daddy there again just to "look-see" and jalan-jalan. We then invited Koo-koo for breakfast the following morning. We ate at Old Town White Coffee...ooh, how we missed their weekday breakfast set (we still do now!). We had our usual fare of toast bread, nasi lemak, half-boiled eggs, coffee and chocolate drink. 

A few days later, the same venue was picked for a dinner date with Auntie BS, mummy's old buddy. We had dinner at Bad Boy Cooks.

I had plain pasta with no "liu" because mummy didn't know they were add-ons and the silly waitress didn't advise when we placed our orders. Anyway, the creamy plain pasta still tasted great!

Daddy had seafood baked rice

Mummy had this unhealthy fish burger and was surprised to see it served like this, with the bun at the bottom

The following day, we had another round of breakfast there with Kau-foo. Kau-foo, daddy and mummy had their thosai and nasi lemak fix while I had something different...

Milo overload... roti tisu Milo and Milo ais

Finally, we had a family dinner there AGAIN on the night before we left for Shanghai. We had a vegetarian meal at Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie...

Daddy's dunno-what fried rice set

Mummy's bittergourd noodles

My dinner was not served and we were told at the very last minute that it was not available. I ended up eating Blueberry Cheesecake for dinner... yay!! (plus a bit of this and that from daddy and mummy's plates).

Egg-less Pistachio and Chocolate cakes...tasted just as good to us :) 

More photos of the place...


  1. I didn't know got food there. So lovely looking place. Chloe hv lost her baby fat

  2. Wow, how many times in TOTAL did you guys go there? I better go check it out too! Hehehehe

  3. Looks like a really nice place to hang out :D

  4. Malaysia have lots of nice eatery outlets now.... and still mushrooming. Heard that the famous Macau pork chop burger is in town now!

  5. I have not been here..A nice place to chill out

  6. A beautiful place especially when all the lights turned on at night :)

  7. Oh wow...i didnt know this place so happening. Is it free parking as well too?

    1. Parking was still free when we went there last month. Don't know about now... but sooner or later they will charge. Saw the parking boom gates all up already.


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