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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ni Hao, I am Learning Mandarin!

My first Mandarin class started today. Determined to send me to a Chinese-medium primary school in two years' time, daddy and mummy have enrolled me in a Mandarin Language Programme to develop my proficiency in the language. This is an alternative to changing me to a Chinese-based kindy.

As of today, I have almost zero knowledge of the language except for yi, er, san, si, wu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), hao-chi (delicious) and bu-yao (don't want) haha.

The Mandarin Panda Programme

I met the mascot in my kindy's Sports Carnival in Sunway Lagoon last year.

Time-table and fees

While daddy has to fork out more money for my school fees this year, I have to attend very long classes from 8:30am-2:30pm (with a lunch break from 12:30-1:00pm) for three consecutive days every week and mummy has to crack her head to come up with healthy, balanced and nutritious "minimal-cooking" lunch-box lunch ideas for me.

Like today, Mummy had to wake up earlier than usual in the morning to pack me my very first lunch box. It was a very simple meal (that required no cooking except for the egg).

Egg, home-baked wholemeal bread with cheese, grapes, turnip strips and carrot sticks.

While walking to school with my lunch box in my hand, I asked mummy a very funny question... "Mummy, if you put all the food inside the box, will it grow fungus?" Mummy was rather surprised that I knew what fungus was.

After school, when asked what did I learn today, I replied "I don't know. I can't remember. But I loved it. It was fun". *mummy rolls eyes*


  1. I'm planning to sent both my kids to Chinese Primary school too. Mandarin is equally important as English.

    That's a very simple yet nutritious lunch box! Chloe is really eating very well balanced diet.

  2. That reminds me to ask Bryan how it went for him. I catered lunch from the school (so blardy ex!!) cos my MIL didn't want to go to deliver lunch :( Their session starts at 1:30pm to 3pm. Think he will konk out tonight :P

  3. Horray! Chloe! I hope you will fluently speak Mandarin later ya ;D I know you're a smart lil gal ;)
    Jie-jie can't speak Mandarin, I wish I can, Chloe. So don't waste your chance ^^
    Mandarin is important like English, will be a good idea to enter her into Chinese School!
    Woow! The meal is sooo neat, wish had a Mum like ya , my Ma is so lazy to do such things lol

  4. B&B's Mama: I don't want to go and deliver lunch too cos that will make me extra busy! Cannot imagine myself making 3 trips (x2 to come back) just so that she can have warm lunch haha. For that 3 days, she will have to makan roti lor...

  5. she will pick up the worries. let her enjoy.

  6. Sounds enjoy! :) Happy speaking mandarin!

  7. Hahahaha .... grow fungus!!! She was so cute lah and ya lor, kids nowadays really knows a lot! I don't remember I know the word fungus till I reach secondary school? hahaha ....

    Angel also knows ni-hao and 1 to 10 in mandarin and just yesterday, she tells me 'hao-che' after having her KFC meal :)

  8. like that you have to eat more to keep up ur enegry.

  9. The fees r quite exp hor but I'm sure Chloe will benefit greatly from the prog. Jia you!

  10. Glad that Chloe likes the class. Mandarin is quite important also...
    And to Chloe, jia you!! :)

  11. The fried eggs looked so yummy. I will try to this in future.

  12. Chloe loves fungus?! LOL, she can grow up to be a pathologist then!

    We have also decided to send Juan Juan to Chinese medium school, she just strted her Chinese lesson at kindy... hope she will be doing fine! Same to Chloe, have a nice day!

  13. Wow~ the course is expensive, but never mind, learning Chinese is the primary key.

    My daughter also comes home saying, "I don't know" whenever I asked her *geram* Don't know she is concentrating in her class or no...

  14. i am thinking to sent my boys to those chinese programe class too. But timing just not right and no one to help me to sent and pick.

    Nice and cute lunch bento.

  15. Get her a Lock & Lock food warmer. It comes with a bag, and will keep the food warm. I think it cost $69.90. Come with 2 tupperware and a water t

  16. next time i will speak mandarin to her ok, hehehe... her kindy's normal morning classes no mandarin subject at all?

  17. hey, the course is expensive huh? would chloe feel sleepy on those 3 days when she comes home late?

  18. not cheap yea, the class.

    I bought the Mandarin school materials for my girl also very pricy..sweat**

  19. I'm planning to send Gwen to a Chinese medium school too and she also has zero knowledge on Chinese.

    I prepare roti for Gwen to bring to school almost everyday.

    Gwen saw the package of fruits and carrot sticks and ask me to pack for her wor..haha.

  20. Irene: Ya, please speak Mandarin to her and I must start doing the same too. Her usual class got Mandarin but very basic and little only.. can't learn much and not enough to prepare her for primary school lor.

    Mommy to Chumsy: The fees is considered average la.. around RM120 per month. She should be tired/sleepy after class but always refuses to nap. When it's dinnertime, she'll be eating and dozing off as usual :(


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