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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Kiddy Ride Princess

No kiddy rides, no talk. That's my motto for the time being haha...

Scenario 1
I sometimes like to cry in the middle of the night for no reason...

Me: *Crying*
Daddy: Ssshhhh!
Me: *Still crying*
Daddy: Why? What do you want?
Me: *Cry only, no answer*
Daddy: Stop crying!
Me: *Cry louder*
Daddy: Cry some more, no kiddy rides for you!
Me: *Immediate SILENCE*

Scenario 2
During photography, I will never co-operate and prefer to look elsewhere, make ugly faces or run away...

Mummy: Look here!
Me: *Purposely look away*
Mummy: Look here and smile!
Me: *Try to run away*
Mummy: Hey, if you don't look here and smile, cannot go for kiddy rides ar!
Me: *Quickly pose as stylishly as possible and flash her with my sweetest smile*

Scenario 3
Ah Ma prepared a half-boiled egg for me, something that I don't quite like. I love eggs, but not half-boiled ones...

Ah Ma: Come... eat egg.
Me: I don't want
Ah Ma: Eat la... it's nice bla bla bla (and then mummy whispered a hint to her)
Me: I don't like it, don't want!
Ah Ma: If you eat this, we'll bring you for kiddy rides later
Me: *Slurrrrp! Burp!*

I quickly sapu the whole egg, of course! Haha!

As for now, got kiddy rides, WILL OBEY!


  1. Oh..that's the magic words huh..hehe.

  2. o oh... you got a trap there... and good you like some 'magic words'..:D

  3. hahahhahahahaha! good one. we do tat too, but not with kiddy ride. always work wonders!


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