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Saturday, November 21, 2009

DL's Disney Hoopla

We went to 1 Utama again today (two weeks in a row) just to take part in this roadshow... This time, Yeh-yeh and Mah-mah came along with us too.

It was the roadshow's 1st day at 1U and we managed to witness the launching

Raising the Super Sleuth flag - played some games to redeem a free mystery gift

With my best friends Donald, Daisy and Minnie (that's Yeh-yeh peeking from behind haha)

At the end of the game, I was given a few choices of gifts and I chose this hotdog-counting game. Not bad...

Also got a free printed photo (for purchases above RM30)

The same shot taken on our own

Goodies and freebies

Bought a total of 8 packets of milk powder to complete the book collection

Plus some existing stocks at home... milk to last half a year!


  1. I want to go too.. wonder whether they have similar one in Penang... my kids always a fan of playhouse disney...
    lots of goodies you have there.. :)

  2. Mummy, we are not taking dutch lady milk powder, how eh? Still can join the games ?

  3. Linda, the one is Penang is over already... they held it there last month, I think.

    Mummy Moon, I think you hv to purchase RM20 worth of their products (can be anything, got Tetra Pak also) to play the games. Otherwise, you can also show your Astro bill to prove that you subscribe to Playhouse Disney... something like that, I'm not too sure also.

  4. wow, what an interesting road show :D thanks for the info :D

  5. Hi,

    Am surveying on some milk powder brands for my gal to switch to. Currently on Enfa and find her having hard stools. How's Dutch lady? Good? I see you stocked up a lot. Since when has Chloe been on DL?


  6. Hi June,
    Chloe has been on DL since she was 1. So far so good (she very rarely falls sick, touch wood) and I am still faithfully sticking to it :) I'm actually not fussy with milk powder brands but I have tried a few other brands and find that DL is still the best. Enfa is too overpriced and I don't believe that its exorbitance justifies its superiority. Milk is still milk.

  7. Hi,

    Thank you very much for your reply. Am also not a true believer of 'premium' milk brands. Also looking out for other brands like Nestle Lactogen and Dugro. I think these 2 brands are cheaper than DL. Will save a lot if switch fr Enfa :)


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