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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Itchy Fingers Back in Action

What's so special about these clothes pegs? I guess I'm not alone, as most kids like to play with them too.

Perhaps, some would do this too - dismantle it by pulling out the metal piece and then fixing it back...

But I also go a step further... breaking it into pieces!

These poor clips have become brittle after dutifully taking care of our clothes under the scorching sun for years! And I just had to prove that to mummy... look ma, your clips are no longer efficient!

(It's been quite a while since I last broke anything at home... my itchy fingers have taken a long rest and they are finally back in action again)


  1. hahaha...she is signalling you to buy new toys.

  2. It's fun huh breaking the clips into pieces..haha.

  3. Tell your mommy it was done accidentally, sure she won't mad at you! hehehe...

  4. wah, she is back in action! hahahaha!


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