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Friday, November 20, 2009

SuperStar Libra - Day 4

Wednesday, Nov 18 2009

After a non-stop, long-haul sail of 37 hours, we finally reached Singapore (from Phuket) today, at 1pm. We wanted to have a quick lunch but it turned out to be quite a long one because we enjoyed the meal so much, we just couldn't hurry. Haha. Here's a partial portion of what we ate...

We had very delicious baked salmon today. In almost every meal (except the Chinese restaurant where they don't serve bread), mummy would curi-curi tapau some bread, bun or muffin for my snack later.

After lunch, we walked over to Vivo City, which was just across the pier.

Before that, we had to collect our passports from the ship crew. The distribution and collection of passports was held on the stage of the Galaxy of the Stars (a mini performance hall). Captivated by the bright lights on the floor and the upbeat background music, I just couldn't resist dancing to the beat...

For once, I had totally forgotten about being shy and whatever inhibitions I had

Check out my groovy moves...

A glimpse of our ship from the covered walkway.

A colourful flower-sphere greeted us at one of the entrances of Vivo City.

A giant Christmas tree in the "garden".

Somewhere around the mall, I was instantly attracted to this unique playground...

Played on the standing see-saw, merry-go-round, spinning swing, slide etc.

Guess who came to meet us here?

It was Kau-foo, who took time-off from work and came all the way here to see me. He then gave us an ice-cream treat at Ben & Jerry's.

A sweet treat... a waffle cone and a Belgian waffle with few scoops of very chocolate-y ice cream with M-dem-dem (M&Ms) toppings. Yums!

Look at that skinny-minny snowman...

Can you see our ship? It's there!

And no way could we leave out the kiddy rides. Kau-foo generously forked out S$2 (nearly RM5) to let me enjoy two rides...

Since I missed my afternoon nap, I was too tired from all the walking until daddy and Kau-foo had to take turns carrying me while I slept like this...

Soon it was time for us to return to the ship. As I was still fast asleep in daddy's arms, I did not manage to say goodbye and thank you to Kau-foo.

Back at the ship, we quickly showered and went for dinner. After dinner, we went up to the open-air deck and surprise, surprise! We stared in awe at our "dream boat", the SuperStar Virgo, which was docked right beside ours. It was majestically huge and enticing. Daddy and mummy "heart move-moved" and decided that we must go on that ship one fine day...

Well, it's almost like a routine that we must go for the showtime every night. Today's show was Black or White: A Tribute to Michael Jackson. After the show, we were entertained with more dancing and singing...

Dancing to Y-M-C-A! It was FUN!


  1. gosh, so much good food :) after reading your posts on this cruise, i really want to go on one too. so much fun :) however, i'm so scared of the sea-sick thingy. did you experience this a lot or only on that one day?

  2. Very nice cruise vacation huh, got to go go down the ship some more... I like it.

  3. interesting playground indeed!
    on the cruise?

  4. Mommy to chumsy, yes, it's so much fun. Now you know why C said she wanna stay there forever and ever hehe! I was down with sea-sickness on just that one day cos it was raining heavily.. it's very much weather dependent. For the rest of the days, we could hardly feel anything! Most of the time, we couldn't even tell if the ship was moving or has docked. My advice is, don't go during the rainy season :-)

    Mummy Moon, yes, it's very relaxing... just eat, sleep, play, shop and have fun. We also like it very much :-)

    Lyne, the playground is in Vivo City, a mall in Singapore.

  5. I think I will go for the Superstar Virgo..maybe tumpang at my bro's house in SG..hehe. See how lah, troublesome also lor.

  6. nice leh, u making all wanna go cruise siot! hahaha!


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