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Saturday, August 25, 2007

I am a girl

Out of 10 strangers we meet who are friendly enough to say hello to me, 9 of them would think I’m a boy.

Scene 1: At the poolside
Auntie: Hello baby. Goochi-goochi-goo… boy ar?
Mummy: No, girl.
Auntie: Oh ya hor… I didn’t notice her pink dress.

Scene 2: In the lift
Elderly Uncle: Hallo boy! Boy-boy ar! It’s a boy, right?
Mummy: (Smiling) Girl lah…
Elderly Uncle: Hah? Girl ah? Looks like a boy leh.

Scene 3: In the lift (again)
An elderly auntie with a little baby enter after us.
Auntie: (Directing the little baby to look at me) Look... Kor-kor. Hello kor-kor. Kor-kor, right?
Mummy: (Smiling again) Jie-jie lah…
Auntie: Hah?! (Looking obviously shocked) Jie-jie ar? I thought he’s a kor-kor. She looks so much like a kor-kor (still looking surprised and in disbelief).

Mummy, do I really look like a boy? Or are strangers just being strange?

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