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Friday, May 9, 2008

Like This Also Can Sleep...

Every night during bedtime, I choose to "work out" and fall alseep on the big bed. Daddy would move me to my own "bed" when it is his bedtime. I've always been quite a good sleeper. I don't move much and rarely "stray" to the sides of the bed. However, today, mummy and daddy were shocked to find an empty bed. Due to the darkness, they couldn't see well at one glance and after looking closely, they found me at the corner of the bed, in this position...

With both feet dangling like this... Ini macam pun boleh!

Mummy: Luckily she didn't fall and knock her head.

Daddy: Maybe she did and attempted to climb back up but could only manage halfway.

Mummy: ..............


  1. chloe is lucky. philip fell off the bed recently :(

  2. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day

  3. LOL so cute and funny sleeping pose. You should snap her sleeping face in this sleeping pose instead of her back mah. haha

  4. auntie rachel, i'm not that lucky also... i've fallen off the bed too, when i was much younger.

    auntie vicky, my sleeping face not funny ma... mummy thinks it's the position of my body, esp the dangling leg, that is funny haha


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