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Monday, July 7, 2008

Spill No. 3 - Perfume

After creating a mini flood in the morning, I decided that it wasn't enough. Later in the afternoon, I crept into Ah Ma's bedroom quietly when mummy dozed off while keeping an eye on me.

There, I saw bottles of colourful water on Ah Ma's dressing table. *Helped myself to a bottle, unscrewed its cap* Mmmmm... Lavender Water. Nice smell. *Shake shake shake* *Pour pour pour pour pour pour pour*


I emptied the whole bottle into the mattress!

And ruined the lacquer on the dressing table when I shook and splashed the Lavender Water on it.


  1. haha Hi-5 I love doing the spilling too. Too bad now mommy kept all the lotion, perfume & etc at high place.

  2. Ya lor auntie Vicky... at home mummy keeps all these things away but this was at my grandma's house ma... considered as "accidents" lor..


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