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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crying In The Park

We went to the new park today. And we met that same boy again. As usual, I was only interested in the playground whereas daddy and mummy both wanted to take a walk (exercise) first.
So we walked. And we walked... until we came to a junction. Daddy took the left turning but I insisted on going right. Daddy said "No, the playground is here (pointing to the left, trying to trick me)". I refused to budge. Are you kidding me, daddy? I said here means here and then suddenly waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! I rained heavy tears and wet the ground. I was very loud too!

My tears won, of course. So we all took the right turn and headed to the children's playground. Hooray! When it was time to go home, I said "Wait, there's one more playground there". Yes, the "adult playground". I wanted to play there too...

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