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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mummy's Big Day

Today is mummy's birthday. We rarely did anything special on this day but this year, we decided to celebrate it in PGH (again?!) Don't think we'll ever get bored of this place.

Standing at the balcony of our room... "Mummy look, got waterfall".

I was really, really happy. I kept running around, giggling, playing and exploring things on my own...

We took lots of photos this time. I was made to stand under the hot-hot sun for quite a few shots. Crazy.

We had Japanese buffet for lunch at the Japanese restaurant in the hotel. Mummy offered me all kinds of funny stuff like eel and baby octopus... eewwh! The only food I liked was ice-cream!
After a very heavy and hearty meal, we went back to the room to...

Later in the evening, we went to Jusco to gai-gai and have dinner. At the children's amusement centre, mummy spotted someone wearing the same outfit as mine...

Guess which one is me? What a small world hehe...

After dinner, we bought 2 slices of cakes and quickly rushed back to the hotel for that long-awaited BUBBLE BATH (to be posted separately).

This year, I wished mummy Happy Birthday for the very first time. Last year, I was still babbling. Then I gave her a very loving kiss and made her very, very happy!

Today was certainly a very eventful day for me. I was all hyper from the excitement and refused to go to bed eventhough it was nearly midnight.

Still happily fooling around at 11:55pm

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Chloe's Mommy!! Wish you happy, healthy and prosperity.


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