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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Love Bribes

Yes, I love bribes. My favourite is anything cold from the fridge or freezer. In our home, bribing occurs most frequently at meal times. Sometimes when I'm struggling to finish up my meal, I will hope and dream and wait to hear the magic phrase "If you finish your rice, mummy will give you Yakult/Calci-yum/popsicle etc."

Mummy knows this is a bad practice but sometimes she just wants to reward me with little treats for adhering to a certain condition. I even know how to drop hints when mummy tries to avoid this question. It's a good thing that this doesn't happen often.

I love this frozen yoghurt popsicle. Mummy loves the non-drip popsicle stick. It has a built-in straw for me to suck the melted yoghurt. I can eat it on my own without mummy worrying over the sticky floor or messy clean-up work.


  1. ohhhh sedappppp! so cute wan, got straw? but then atas will still drip mah if melt, no meh? hmmm... curious

  2. Even I love popsicles! Are they homemade? Please do share the recipe!

  3. Irene, it won't drip wor... if atas drip down, it will go into the "cup" at the base. U know what, this innovative design, we bought from where else but Daiso haha!

    Family 1st, who doesn't like popsicles? ;-) Just get some yoghurt or any yoghurt drink (or even Yakult, Vitagen etc.) and pour it into the popsicle mould. As easy as that! No recipes...


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