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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stuck Again

By looking at this stool, what kind of hazard do you think it could possibly pose?

When mummy saw me playing with it, only 2 things came to her mind:
1. If I dropped it on my toes, they could be badly hurt
2. If I climbed on it and rocked it, I could fall and hurt myself badly

I did neither of the above. Instead, I chose to literally "head for" the gap between two of its legs like this...

... and got my big head lodged inside. I kept yelling "Stuck! Stuck!" but mummy wasn't listening and she wasn't even aware of what's going on until I started crying...

Mummy may seem evil and cruel for posting this video but after so many similar incidents, she's already "immuned" to all my mischiefs. When I was younger, she would have run to me or run into panic mode. Now, she just laughs it off... Oh yes, and while laughing, she grabs the camera as well *mummy flashes her evil grin* Sometimes she even chants "very good! very good!" much to my dismay.

Mummy helped to release my head by pushing it downwards because the gap widens at the base.

Phew! I swear I will never do that again!


  1. wuahahahahaaha .. yeah mommy, I know what you mean by being immune! Dont worry, its normal lah.

  2. Oh Gosh!~ Stuck in between!!!!!!! Make sure u never do that again...

  3. Hahaha....i can understand this, as my boy also the same.
    When we are having dinner, he like to play under the stools and table.


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