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Friday, June 5, 2009

Laugh Until Vomit

I know, I'm infamous for my cry-until-vomit act but today, something totally the opposite happened.

I have just gulped down 8oz of milk (my afternoon "snack"). Soon after that, mummy said something really funny and I couldn't stop laughing. Seeing how tickled I was, she kept repeating it to make me laugh, and laugh... and laugh (Which mummy doesn't like to see her kid happy, right?)

Well, I laughed so hard until suddenly, I choked on my saliva and started coughing. I choked and coughed and gagged a little and before mummy could say "uh oh"... the 8oz of milk came gushing out of my mouth like a waterfall. Along with the milk, out came some scraps of grapes and pear that I've eaten earlier.

*Regret, regret* thought mummy. So much for trying to entertain a kid. Sigh...


  1. ooh how come? she chocked ar? next time have to be more careful hor?

  2. walaoeh. somtimes i chocked too! haha!

  3. You really geng.. can laugh until vomit...

  4. Oh ... seriously, laugh until vomit ah? I guess I must remember not to do it for Angel coz few days ago she was having fever and the smell of her vomit is still all over the house, I can't stand another round of that or I will not dare to drink milk forever!!

  5. Alamak...can laugh until vomit ah? Kesian. Next time play gently hor.

  6. Nextime better dun laugh too much....


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